Tag, You’re it….

I’ve been tagged by Michelle at Love Chinook Winds.  

It is a blogging game where you give 11 things about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you and then you tag others. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to. It is just for fun.

I was tickled pink to be tagged so I thought, why not.

Here are some things about me:

  • I am a junior high band teacher by day.  I am surrounded by noise, the odd weird smell, a roller coaster of emotions, and navy blue uniforms.
  • I started quilting 4 years ago, when I was teaching at a difficult school and needed a stress release.
  • I have tried almost every crafty type hobby known to man.  I’ve tried jewelry making, watercolor painting (which my dad is way better at then I so I will leave it to him), oil painting, scrap booking, knitting, and crocheting.   Nate has put up with them all.
  • I have played the saxophone for 18 years.
  • I can also play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and euphonium.  I can play more – but those I can play the best.
  • I have a strange addiction to Block of the Month clubs.  I really have to reel myself in
  • I learned to fly fish this summer and like it – but only if I don’t catch anything.
  • I love dr. prepper
  • and chocolate cake

Here are the questions from Michelle…

1. Do you like to travel. Yes, I like to travel.  I’m not a good traveller at all.  I freak out at the airport and practically have to be talked off the ledge to get on one.  
2. What is your favorite travel destination spot.  My favorite travel destination is Maui.  We went two years ago and I loved it and can’t wait to return.  
3. Where do you sew.  That depends who is home.  If Nate is home I sew in my sewing room that we created in the basement.  If Nate is away, I bring my small machine upstairs and turn the kitchen into my space.  The light it terrific and it is warm there.  If I am quilting I work on the kitchen table most of the time because it is a large square and the quilt moves around well on it.  
4. How much time do you spend sewing during the week. Not as much as I would like to.  Some weeks I go without touching my machine.  They I get a chunk of time and go to town.  I hand stitch almost every night for at least 30 minutes or so.  
5. Have you ever been on a sewing retreat.  I have been on quite a few.  I get tons done when I am there – though I am often made fun of for that.  But oh well.  It is my chance to get a head.  
6. Do you have an etsy shop and or do you sell your crafts at fairs.  I do have an etsy shop, but nothing listed.  I just can’t keep ahead to get things done to post.  I sell my work to friends who ask for things or family who need a gift. 
7. What other hobbies do you have.  I like to read, off road bike without giant hills, bake, and gardening.
8. What is your favorite charity.  Compassion Canada and the Samaritans Purse Shoe Box Campaign.
9. Do you quilt or knit for charity.  I have gone to charity days and made the tops, but I don’t know who finishes them. 
10. What is your dream sewing machine if cost was not a problem.  The Janome Horizon Memory Craft – the red one with the 11″ throat. 
11. Be honest. How big is your stash.   It is a good size.  I have buckets of fabric in smaller pieces (fat quarters and smaller).  Most of my fabric is spoken for in terms of projects.  

Alright, now it is time for me to ask my friends some questions….

  1. What is your favorite quilting book?
  2. What is the one quilting reference book that you go to, time and time again?
  3. Who is your favorite fabric designer of the moment?
  4. What was the first quilt that you tried?  Pattern?
  5. What keeps you coming back to quilting?
  6. Do you watch tv/movies or listen to music when you quilt?
  7. Is there a quilt pattern or technique that you’ve always wanted to try?
  8. What if your go to thread of choice?
  9. Who taught you to sew?  Or who inspired you to sew?
  10. Where is your favorite brick and mortar quilt shop? Name of it?
  11. Do you pin baste, thread baste or spray baste?  Why?

Here are the people I am tagging. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.

Carla at Cora Quilts 

Avis at Oh Sew Tempting

Doreen at Treadlemusic


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One response to “Tag, You’re it….

  1. The tag is acknowledged and will be answered in due time (am excited to do so….yay!) Hugs, D

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