31 Things to Do – an update

At times my “31 Things to do” before I hit 32 seems to be ticking along and progress seems to be made, but then other times I look at the list and feel overwhelmed by how many are left.

Though November was a very good month for checking off items.

I finished reading 25 books and have continued along – now I am up to 28.  I’ve read some great ones, some ok ones and a couple that I wish I hadn’t have wasted my time one.

I also went away for a weekend with Nate, which we have never done.  We went to Canmore for the weekend, stayed in a nice hotel, ate some terrific food, tried to snow shoe (there was no snow), and did some shopping.

While we were there we also made a stop in Banff which allowed me to check another thing off my list.

In November I also completed a long time goal of mine and that was to make from scratch – not a box – a double layer chocolate cake.  I had tried it one time before and it was and EPIC fail.  So I thought I would go with, in my opinion, the best baker on the market right now – Anna Olsen.  I’ve always been a fan and have had her cookbook SUGAR for ages.  With her help and good directions I was able to create my first double layer chocolate cake with a buttercream from scratch.

As I look at the picture I see I need some icing help – but that could be on next year’s list.




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3 responses to “31 Things to Do – an update

  1. Nathan

    Your cake looked much better in real life.

  2. We cruised through Banff last year on our way back from visiting family in Calgary. I wished we had more time because there was just so much to see and do.

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