My Quilting has come to a HALT

These days my quilting has come to a right halt.  I’m EXHAUSTED.  Too tired to even walk down stairs to the sewing room and even look at fabric or a project.  And there are some projects I really need to get started on…however I can’t seem to get ’em done.

Some nights I head to bed at 7:30pm – me, 7:30pm.  It is lame really.  Not that I sleep through the night, but at least I get some good hours in.

I’ve also been ill – quite ill.  They call it morning sickness – more like ALL DARN DAY SICKNESS!  Seriously, all day.  Not just nauseated either, down right sick.  Which takes the wind out of your sails a little bit.

Meet our first baby, this is the cause of my exhaustion and “illness”.  They (just one, but didn’t want to call it IT) are suppose to arrive on June 5 – suppose to anyways.

So, yes I have projects I need to work on, but no energy right now do them.  Soon I hope.



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10 responses to “My Quilting has come to a HALT

  1. Oooo! Blessings and congratulations and hugs!!!!! I experienced a similar situation with our second child (and it is proper to refer to the unborn child as a “he” until determined otherwise!!!). Morning became afternoon/all day sickness! I pray it will pass quickly for you. Both my babies were the end of July so I bypassed the holiday season on the sickness ‘thing’. Take care, dear Friend………

  2. Congratulations, Jen. Go ahead and do all the sleeping you need to do – you need to take care of yourself! Hopefully you will feel better soon. Do your students know you are pregnant? I’ll bet they will be excited.

    • Jen

      Thank you Colleen. I took your advice and slept on and off all day yesterday. It was glorious. My students know and are excited. They try to offer helpful advice and do their best to take care of me. I am blessed to have the kids I do. I have a post coming up about their reaction because it has been funny.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Such a good reason to be exhausted! I hope you’re feeling better soon and congratulations on the new little one!!

  4. Congratulations, Jen! That’s wonderful news! I hope that you are feeling better soon.


    • Jen

      Karen, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I have been feeling better for sure. I am thankful for that.

  5. Hope you are starting to feel better! just in time for Christmas! xo

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