I’m at a stalemate with a quilt right now.  I finished the top for it ages ago.  But I just can’t get motivated to finish the darn thing.  Its not that I don’t like the material I used or the pattern – this is horrible to say, but it is who it is going to that is holding me back.  As you know I usually make my quilts for people and this one is no exception.  However, I am having a hard time feeling like I want to gift it to them.

Will I get the quilt done – yes, before their baby is born, if I get some energy – maybe.

Have you ever had a quilt stalemate?



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5 responses to “Stalemate

  1. Yes, I have been in that boat. I don’t give my quilts away generally because I find that most people don’t understand the time, effort and expense that goes into quilts. I have only given to my family and I now have one that will be going to my neighbour who is battling breast cancer. Otherwise, they lay drapped over my bannister, folded on the floor in the living room or displayed at the local quilt store. I find that is better knowing that all my time and effort to make it, it did not become a very expensive dog blanket.

    I have learned never to do “requests” because it always leads to disappointment for the requester and it stiffles my creativity. I quilt to express my creative side so I don’t want anybody telling me what I need to do.

    And yes, I agree that copying somebody else’s pattern is like a form of stealing. I think that if you are asked to make a quilt then you should be given the freedom to use your creative juices and do what you want. I figure people have seen your work and knows that it is beautiful so they should trust you to make them a quilt that will be just as beautiful and unique.

    Well there is my long-winded response! I hope that when you are finished the quilt that you will be pleasantly surprised and it will be loved and appreicated.


  2. You almost have to grit your teeth (!?), finish it, let it go and you will feel better as you move on. Hope you are feeling better soon. Keeping you in our prayers…….gentle hugs…..

  3. Michelle G

    Yes, I am in that boat right now. My co-worker’s daughter requested I make her a pillow with decorative stitching on it. I have all the thread and type of decorative stitching picked out. But I can’t start because I am having problems with my co-worker. I know I shouldn’t judge the daughter based on her mother. I also shouldn’t take work so personally, it is just politics and everyone is out for themselves. But I can’t let it go. This co-worker does mean things and I don’t want to be generous with her or her family. I know that is mean. I should take the previous commenter comment to heart. Just grit my teeth and do it and be finished with it and with them.

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