Kid’s Reaction to a Baby

It is always a surprise and a roller coaster ride when you tell your students any type of news.  A little bit ago I told my students that Nate and I would be having a baby.  I told them, “So I have to change the date of our final band concert this year to a different day because our first baby has decided that June 5 was a great day to arrive.”  (I know that the baby may be late or early – but sometimes it is just easier).

There was clapping, gasps, some tears from some (though I still can’t figure out why), a bit of hollering and from my all boys class hugs all around.  Though my all boys class did follow with, “Why can’t you have the baby on the same day as the concert?”  I shook my head, rolled my eyes and told them to ask their mothers.  One boy actually did ask his mother and apologized the next day for even suggesting it.  🙂

The kids ask me daily if I’ve found out what we’re having yet.  They ask what colors I am using for the room, clothes, etc.  They ask me daily how I’m feeling – as I’ve been very up front with them when I’m having an “off” day – as they are often affected.  And of course they want to know what we will name the baby.  They all suggest their own name and say that they would give me permission to use it.  Kids are funny that way.  If you name a child using “their” name they think that you’ve named the child after them.  They are flattered and rush home to tell their parents the good news.  I had three girls create a name for me out of their names just so they wouldn’t be left out.

They are excited about it, but also a bit upset as it means that I will be away from them for a bit.  Of the emotions of junior high students.



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8 responses to “Kid’s Reaction to a Baby

  1. I love it! Kids that age are so funny.
    (P.S. I think you should name the baby Colleen)

  2. Funny! Kids “tell it like it is”/how they feel it!!!! Love it! Hope you are feeling a little better!!

    • Jen

      They sure do tell it like it is. They are hilarious like that – but sometime too blunt. I am feeling a little better thanks for checking up.

      • Yup, they ‘throw out’ their comments/assessments and then continue on their way sometimes leaving a little debris in their wake!!!!! Kids…..gotta luv ’em!

  3. Jen! I haven’t been here in a while, but I was just feeling the urge to add to my blog for the first time in a while, and it always inspires me that you find time to write so frequently with everything else you do! You are amazing!

    You have to tell me who went home to ask their mom…LOL!!

    • Jen

      Thanks Michelle. The boy who went home and asked his mom is a boy in 8C – tall, loud, and every thought of his must be vocalized (AM).

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