Craft Afternoons

My friend Lauren is a wannabe crafter.  I don’t even think that is the right title for her.  She likes crafts, wants to do them, but something stops her.  I don’t know what?  I personally think she it COMPLETELY CAPABLE to craft her heart away.

With that said, I am very lucky that she calls upon me when she has a craft project, because it means we get to spend a day crafting.

Most of the crafts that she wants to do recently have been found on pinterest.  Whenever she pins something to her “Craft Time” board, I snoop around and see what we might be doing, if the instructions are good and if we will cause damage to a home.  I’ve seen Pinstrosity after all and know not all things turn out.

Lauren’s more recent project were TEA WREATHS.  We both saw them on pinterest and both pinned them – guess that means it is a sure thing for us to do.

One afternoon after church Lauren came over with BAGS, and I mean BAGS of materials to get started.  She even altered the original pattern a little bit so we didn’t have to cut the round middles.  Worked like a charm too.  We used those foil burner liners and flattened them out.  We also used wrapping paper as well as scrap book paper to cover the circles and clothes pins.

We had big bowls of tea in a large variety of kinds.  We drank our Joy (starbucks) tea latte’s, ate homemade mac and cheese (thank you Pioneer Woman), and crafted all afternoon.

They turned out terrific – the only problem is….I don’t want to take any tea from my wreath.




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4 responses to “Craft Afternoons

  1. Very nice! You are such a good friend!!!! Hugs, Doreen

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