Free Motion Quilting: A Question to you

I have a questions to the readers here…. When you start to FMQ your quilts do you start in the centre or a corner?

I have this quilt top waiting to be quilting and I’ve been wanting to try one of Oh, Fransson!’s tried and tested free motion patterns.  But I can’t get past what I was taught about FMQ, “You always start in the middle, that way your fabric won’t pucker.”

I am so terrified of the puckering that I shy away from trying them.  I’ve managed to do the patterns on a small tester, but it is small and it was easier to baste it, but the bigger projects I am always worried about.

Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! does offer a terrific turtorial about her FMQ method.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


But even after seeing her and the success and I am TERRIFIED.

What are your thoughts?

When you start to FMQ your quilts do you start in the centre or a corner?




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6 responses to “Free Motion Quilting: A Question to you

  1. I always try to start in the middle. At the moment I am stippling my Chinese Coins quilt. I did begin at the inside of the border, on the middle column, working to the other edge, stopping and moving to the adjacent column and working in the other direction. When I stitch in the ditch, I begin in the middle working to the edges at 90 degrees and then going back to the middle to work to the outside of each quarter (same order when pinning). My mentor/teacher FMQs from the edge, She never seems to encounter problems.

  2. It depends on whether I have a quilt that is pieced and I can stitch in the ditch (SID) and stabilize it that way first, in which case it doesn’t matter where you start. If the whole quilt is pin basted (well) but no SID I will start somewhere near the middle and work in quadrants being careful to “mesh” the stitching areas so it doesn’t appear to have been done that way. Sometimes I will do a large grid using wash away thread. I start stitching in the center of one side, stitching across the width. I, then work to the right, then left, til I reach the outside edge. I do the same for the lengthwise stitching. Once that is done the quilt is totally stable and I may start anywhere. So, I have no “set rule” for starting but these are some recommendations. I totally understand your question!!! Hugs, Doreen

  3. norma huff

    I stitch in the ditch when possible and when this is done I start quilting any place that interest me, but if I can’t do stitch in the ditch I will begin near the center and do the quilt in quarters. Good luck. It would probably mean that your quilting will turn out better if you do it the way that makes you comfortable because I have trouble concentrating if I am worried about what I am trying to do. Norma

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