Baby Quilt #…well I don’t remember

For a little while now, the last two years or so, many of our friends have had children.  And since learning to quilt, I decided it was my mission to make each of them a quilt for their baby.

The latest one I did was made for a close friend of Nate’s.  A couple who have known Nate since the 7th grade.  I remember when they told us they were having a baby.  I was so excited for them, I leaped out of the chair at the Starbucks with congratulations – after so many years of trying, finally a baby would come for them.

As soon as the words were out of their mouth I started thinking to the patterns I had, or patterns I had pinned, or patterns I had seen.  I don’t actually think I heard any of the rest of the conversation.  While I was sipping my drink and thinking I realized I had the perfect pattern already at home for them.  A modern pattern, lots of patchwork from Madison Cottage Design (unfortunately there is no website for her patterns).  A pattern called Lemon Pepper.  It was a yellow and grey quilt – very sleek looking.



I knew it would be perfect of them, after all they are a very modern couple.  Their home has a modern, sleek feel – so I knew it was perfect.  That afternoon, once we were home, I ordered the fabric.  This time I ordered from Connecting Threads because the pattern calls for fat quarters and I knew they cut fat quarters for their customers.

What I like about this quilt pattern, as well as others by this designer, is that she gives you options for sizes and instructions for the sizes.  I could have made this quilt as a baby quilt, lap, twin, queen, or king.  I also like how well her instructions are laid out – though I seem to have problems following them as I made this quilt 😦  Just was too excited to get this made I guess.

I used a stipple pattern to quilt it, in a light grey because I didn’t want to take away from the patchwork.




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5 responses to “Baby Quilt #…well I don’t remember

  1. nat

    Nate does an awesome job holding that quilt. Nice job Jen! When are you going to blog your own nursery ideas??? 🙂

    • Jen

      He does do an awesome job as a quilt model. Molly is unfortunately not so awesome. My nursery ideas? Well I suppose I can let some of those slip out. Keep watching – they are coming.

  2. l second the above comment!!! I do love that quilt. I am totally ‘hooked’ on any shade of gray! Hugs, D

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