Fine (Fee – Nay: Meaning End)

Finished! Fine!  It is finally done and oddly I LOVE IT!  I knew I would like the way it turned out, it was just getting it done that threw me for a loop.

The pattern is by Tula Pink called LOVE.   The original size for the quilt is 50″ x 60″ and I thought that might be just a little large for a baby quilt.  I kept the centre (LOVE) the same size, but I made some adjustments to the background size for the quilt finished at about 40″ by 48″.

I tried some fancy quilting in letters which I am pretty pleased with and allover I used a stippling pattern because I wanted the center to be focus.  I used some batiks I had for the centre and for the scrappy binding. I love the scrappy binding the most.  I should really start doing that for a majority of my quilts.

As I mentioned I love how this turned out.  I would like to make it as a wall hanging.  I’ve already done the top for it – just need to quilt it.



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3 responses to “Fine (Fee – Nay: Meaning End)

  1. Such fun~~Tula is a ‘hoot’! and love her designs. Your choices are so excellent!! Hugs…..

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