Fourteen Weeks to go….


I’m just about 26 weeks now, only about 14 weeks to go (so they say).  With that being said, it seems like it is getting time to set up Baby Girl’s Nursery.  That is correct, you read it right – we are having a baby girl.  Poor Nate – to be surrounded by a house of girls, good thing he does manly hobbies.

The color palette below was where the nursery started for me.   The color at the very bottom of the chart (light mist) is the color of our walls.  We painted the walls quite a number of years ago (to get rid of the BRIGHT yellow and green that the room was) and when we found out we were having a baby, we decided that the color would be perfect for either a girl or a boy.  Because we had our walls that color already, when I saw the palette I knew right away that it would be lovely for a room.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest



The only thing we really changed about the palette was we are using a creamier white and lighter grey.

And just to keep you up to date – Thanks to Christmas sales  we were able to find the stroller we wanted as well as the car seat.

The stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the car seat is the Chico Key Fit.  They were some of the top rated on Consumer Report, and because we can’t even buy a blow dryer without consulting Consumer Reports.  We have to get Molly ready for being around the stroller as she doesn’t really care for things with wheels.   I had no idea how complicated it was when it came to buying a stroller or a car seat.  It was so overwhelming that I got myself worked up and over heated and had to take a break.

Over this past long weekend we headed out and found our crib, again after consulting Consumer Report.  Did you know that the Ikea crib (sundvik), is the second rated crib on CR?  We are really happy with it and the conversion possibilities, a day bed (I always wanted one of those) or a toddler bed and it fits in the color scheme.

As you can see we have a crib skirt already purchased and a giant stuffed carrot.  Both are extremely important to a nursery, don’t you think?  In my next post I will share more on the crib skirt and the sewing projects in the room.

We have a wonderful dresser and rocking chair, that use to be my mom’s.  As well as a change table – which Nate will refinish in white as it is currently in an expresso brown color.

Thats what we have so far…I will be sharing in post what sewing projects I will be working on and in another post my dreams for the nursery thank you to my obsession with pinterest.


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  1. CR rocks/reigns!! Same here…….any purchase (except brown sugar, maybe) has to be checked out through them. It really has done us well, though. Love the carrot….a necessity definitely!! Hehe! Hugs……..

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