Quilts for Baby

I never had any idea how difficult it would be for me to put together a quilt (or two) for our baby.  You would think it would be easy.  After all I know what color scheme you are using in their room.  I know what quilt patterns I like and dislike.  I know what fabric styles I could look at forever.  But it has turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.   Why?  I don’t really know, I just know I’ve struggled with it.

When I make baby quilts for our friends I spend an enormous amount of time and energy on them – and stress.  I probably spend more time stressing over the decisions I made then I do actually making them.  It takes me ages to  pick the pattern, then I audition fabric over and over again, usually going with my first choice and instinct.  I piece the quilt so carefully too, making sure I have all the fabric tucked in, that seams are butted together and no points miraculously disappeared.  I taken even more time to press the seams – and I HATE that step of the process.  And once the top is said and done I stress over how to quilt it.  I doodle on napkins, staff meeting notes, post it notes, envelopes – everything to try different ideas out.

As you know I knew what color scheme we are using in her room so it was just a matter of finding fabric that would compliment it.  I was SO SURE about the fabric that I didn’t even think twice about it, not like with other peoples.  I knew what pattern I wanted to use too.  Heck, I even know how I will quilt both of them – but yet I’ve hit a wall with the smaller one.

One of the quilts is turning out terrific.  These owls are super funny.  I found this pattern at Quilt Canada a while ago and bought it.  Not exactly knowing what I would use it for.  I will be spending some more time talking about this one, once it is finished though.

The other – well I’ve put the top together, I hate it, so I’ve taken it apart – well I left the middle, but took the boarders off. The picture below is of the middle section (before it was pieced – in case you are wondering about my sewing lately).  That part I like.

But when I put the stripped border in it….well take a look.


There is just something about it that makes my stomach turn over and over – which is pretty easy these days in the first place.  I don’t need that “symptom” to hang around once the baby is born simply from looking at the thing.  It changed the whole look from this nice soft looking quilt to something LOUD.  YUCK!  I just didn’t think I could look at it all the time.  I even took it in better light to see if that changed it – it didn’t not, it made it worse.

So back to the store I went to find something to use for the inner border.  I opted for a solid in the tealy color.  It works pretty nicely on the design wall – so back to putting the borders on.  Oh I hope it works this time.

The things that bothers me the most is that I had bought enough fabric to make a bigger version of this quilt for when she was older and had a toddler type bed.  Back to the drawing board for sure.


Have you ever put together a project just to discover that it made your stomach turn and you had to start again?



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4 responses to “Quilts for Baby

  1. Yes to the question but not in a long time. The stripe fabric could be a future backing and binding (with the diagonal stripe printed). I am sure your new choice will be very nice. We do obsess about this stuff, don’t we???? Remember: “perfection” is overrated!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. I stumbled upon your blog doing a google search for “charm packs in Calgary”… It’s been a lovely read. (I love that owl pattern. Very whimsical.)

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