Pinterest: Fantasy Football for the Ladies

My husband is in a fantasy football pool during the NFL season.  He has been a part of it – no wait – he runs his “league” since…..well I’m not sure, but as long as I’ve known him.  I call it the League of Dorks.  When we were dating, we would watch football on Sunday -sometimes (depending where we watched it), we would watch 2 or 3 games at once, thanks to that picture in picture feature that some tvs have.  And during the game there is a constant checking of points and stats and am I winning or losing.  L of D starts in September, with a night dedicated to picking the teams – a live draft is what it is called, where in live time they take turns picking who is on their team – some even research players before hand and have a wish list of sorts.

Foot Ball Season

Not the most flattering picture of Nate, I know, but this is sometimes what happens on a Sunday.  The game is on and he will be checking his pool.

I’ve made jokes about the L of D for years now, but I think I might need to stop – as Pinterest has come along – the Fantasy Football League for Ladies.  I spend just as much time on that website, maybe more, as Nate does for the L of D.  I mean I have boards to create, pictures and ideas to pin or repin, comments to be made, and likes to add.  My friends and I talk about it too, “You should see what I just pinned on my board” , “I saw your board, super cute idea.”  And I hate saying “super cute” – cause it has to be said with a whinny type tone (YUCK!)  And I am sure the one thing we all say that makes our husbands/boyfriends/other people in our life cringe – “I am so going to have to try that.”

I know Nate would love to see the end of Pinterest – because it has become the Jen’s DIY list and the Honey Do List.  And I am sure Nate is tried of me asking him to come over to my computer or have me bring the computer to him to see my latest pin.

Pinterest has not been good for the Baby either.  Because of Pinterest, I have sought out “modern and sleek nurseries” and “nursery ideas.”  All that means in some instances – more work for Nate.

As I mentioned before, I found our color scheme for Baby’s room on Pinterest.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


And from there, well it just sort of took off.  Let me show you some of my other ideas for the nursery….

Here is the fun art work we purchased for her room, (it came today, can’t wait to open it up).

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


And this tissue holder I would love to purchase for the room as well.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I am in love with this bunting idea draped across a wall,
adding just a punch of color. I hope I have enough fabric
to make this.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Instead of a typical mobile I am hoping to make this fabulous paper crane one – or something similar to it.
I already have my origami paper too.  I am hoping my Mom can find me a sweet branch to use
for the base – she has a knack for it.


My whole life I wanted a window seat, so we are putting a “window” seat in.
Except it won’t be by the window (thank you stupid register thing).
We will put it on the opposite wall instead, and thanks to this tutorial I
found I will create a bench cushion for it.



Are there more project ideas on my Pinterest board?  In a word – YES!  Feel free to check it out.  I have onesies that I would like to get, little dresses I would like to make, and activity ideas.

Is Pinterest dangerous?  I would say no, though I really know the answer is yes 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing the Pinterest ideas….lovely! The “Fantasy” game stuff is not my ‘thing’ definitely! Hugs, Doreen

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