Nursery Sewing: At a Stall

Spring break has been very productive this year.  Marking was complete, marks were put into the grade book, quilts were basted and quilted, rooms and nooks and crannies cleaned.

These were the four quilts I at least wanted to get basted.  Only one technically had to be done right away as it is a gift for someone – the other three could be done slowly before Baby is born.

But yet, somehow I didn’t estimate my time well and this instance it was a good thing.  I was so focused that three out of the four were complete within the first week.  Mind you, the binding still has to be complete with the hand stitching, but that makes for a lovely evening activity.

With that said my goodness my nursery sewing has hit a huge stall. So I was half way through quilting the big quilt for our little girl’s room, but I ran out of bobbin thread and top stitching thread.

I thought for sure I would have been able make it way further than I did before I ran out – but alas no luck.  So out to the store I go….



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  1. I know the feeling….been there…… So cute!!! Won’t be long……… Hugs, Doreen

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