Pregnancy Brain: A Real Condition

I don’t want to admit this, but I NOW believe that the condition known as Pregnancy Brain is a real thing.  I’ve been fighting it for months, trying to keep my brain fresh and active not succumbing to the lose they all talk about.  Not admitting that my forgetfulness is a result of the pregnancy, but instead on having too many things on the go.  Or admitting that I actually lost my train of thought altogether and instead blame it on trying to talk to Nate while doing something else at the same time.  Or the classic, trying to shower in the morning, but running out of hot water immediately, not being able to discover why until I get out of the shower to find that somehow in my pregnancy haze I turned on the bath tub at the same time and had both running.

Finally, the pregnancy brain has effected my sewing life and it is too hard to deny this anymore.  Last weekend, on Saturday, we had nothing scheduled – except our weekly trip to the Home Depot, and I decided it was the perfect time to dig into the nursery sewing – after all I couldn’t quilt my last project as I had run out of thread (doubting this was a coincidence).  In my note book I carefully read through all the tutorials and figured out what I needed to cut out for each of the projects.

I was cruising along.  Until I started sewing the fitted crib sheet.  Then I hit the wall.  You see my fabric was 58″ width – a little larger than the typical quilting cotton that the tutorial called for.  I sketched out that I needed a piece 45″ x 69″ to fit the mattress.

I drew out my fabric piece to visualize what I had and what I needed to do.  As you can see I took the width of my fabric  minus the amount I needed and it equaled the amount I needed to remove.  So I cut 13″ from my fabric, from all the pieces of fabric I was going to use to make crib sheets – as anyone noticed my error yet?  I thought I was doing pretty good at that point.  That evening I woke up at 2:30 and was wide awake so I decided to sew.  I thought I would get the fitted sheets done so I could spend Sunday feeding elastic through the casing.

There I was in my pajamas at my sewing machine, marveling at my work.  But as my previous tutorial following had taught me (no seam allowances -remember) that I should double check to ensure that things were fitting.  I was concerned about doing this as it was still very early and I didn’t want to wake Nate.  I snuck upstairs and decided that rather than trying to get the sheet on the mattress in the crib, I would carefully remove the mattress and take it with me. Yes, taking a giant mattress down two flights of stairs in the middle of the night is a good idea – another reason to support this theory.  I did get it down to the basement and laid it on the floor and triumphantly put my sheet on it – only to discover that it wasn’t wide enough.  It was long enough for sure, but width wise I had somehow messed up – but where?  My triple checked my math, I used a calculator to make sure, I sketched it out.

And there on the floor, in a heaping pile of flannel pajamas and crib sheets I lay crying my eyes out.  Not knowing where I screwed up, not knowing how I could fix it, not knowing if I had enough fabric to fix it, and not knowing how I was going to tell Nate.  When I couldn’t take it anymore I went up stairs, woke up Nate and told him what had happened, alright I cried what had happened.  No matter how I make fun of Nate on the blog sometimes, he really is a good fellow.  He took me in his arms, told me everything would be ok and that we would fix it.  He asked if we could salvage them, add other fabric to them to make them fit, and other options I had already tried before coming up.  He finally said – order more fabric and that he would help me get them finished once the fabric arrived, just in case I am too big to fit in front of my machine, he would sew them for me while I supervised.  See, he is a good catch.

That morning I thought long and hard about what I had done – then it hit me – THE FOLD.  I didn’t consider the fold.  Yes, my fabric is 58″ wide, but I wasn’t cutting it opened up, I was cutting it folded.

Which meant that on my cutting table I had a piece of fabric that was 29″ x 69″ and if I opened it up I would have my 58″x69″.  I was right though, I needed to take off 13″ – TOTAL, not from each side.  I took off 13×2 =26″ (because of the fold) off in reality.  I should have taken that 13″ and divided it in two, giving me 6.5″ to take off because of the fold.  At least I figured it out.  It was a costly mistake to say the least, but one I will never make again – I hope.

With all this being said, I think this pregnancy brain really does exist because I refuse to admit that I could have made this mistake being of sound mind. 🙂



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  1. I so totally understand your situation (which is scaring me a bit!)! What adds to the frustration of the situation is not being able to come up with ‘what went wrong’!==been there/done that! It will get better, although it may be replaced by some other peculiar malady related to child rearing! Just know……YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We’re here for ya!! Hugs, blessings and ……. keep your sense of humor handy!!

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