Brown Bag Challenge: An Update

As I mentioned back in November, my quilt guild introduced a few challenges  on this year’s program.  One of them was the Brown Bag Challenge.

brown bag


The Brown Bag Challenge

Anyone who wanted to participate in this was to bring a brown bag filled with 4 fat quarters, 1 meter of fabric and a cookie cutter.  We all put them in a pile and then randomly grabbed a different bag.  Your job with the new brown bag is make a completed (bound and quilted) quilt for your partner using what they’ve supplied you.  In June the finished quilt will be given to your partner.

I’ve been working on the quilt for a little while now.  One night when I couldn’t sleep I finished sketching the design I wanted to use.  It is a basic design, but it did take a bit to figure out how all the pieces would fit together.   When we found out we were having a baby and she would be due in June I was a little concerned with the commitment I had made to complete my partner’s project.   I know my partner would totally understand if I didn’t make the deadline, but I just didn’t want to have that happen.  The worst thing that will happen is that I won’t be able to be the one to deliver it to her.

Since I wanted to ensure that I had it complete for the June reveal I made it one of my first priorities – after all it was being made for someone else.

I love how it turned out.  I call it “On the Plus Side” but I can’t show it to you yet.  But I will show you the back of the quilt.

My partner included this mustard colored fabric that I used as the backing – as you can see.  Her cookie cutter was a little hippo that I had to somehow use in the quilt.  I used a wavy quilting pattern that Bijou Lovely did a tutorial on and when I would look on the back I often thought it looked like rolling hills.  So I appliqued the little hippo on the back to wander over the rolling hills.

I really like the back and really like how the wavy quilting turned out.  I will definitely have to try this quilting pattern again.



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7 responses to “Brown Bag Challenge: An Update

  1. What a tease 😉 Can’t wait to see the front

  2. That “brown bag challenge” (or some type of variation is a great idea! Would be an idea for a Christmas exchange, don’t you think?? Life is a balancing act for sure….the calendar sure fills quickly (especially when an event such as yours is on the horizon!!!!). Blessings…….

    • Jen

      It would be a great Christmas exchange. You could even try it in one color way, just Christmas fabric, only solids, something to do with the color wheel. This would definitely be a challenge that I would happily do again.

  3. How brilliant, I might suggest this idea to my own groups. I can’t wait to see your picture x

    • Jen

      It has been a wonderful challenge. One thing I did find to be a challenge though was when people didn’t quite follow the “guide lines”. We said 4 fat quarters so they put in fabric “scraps” that would equal 4 fat quarters, or enough fat quarters to equal a meter of fabric. That has proven to be challenging for some of our members.

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