Change Pad Cover

It was about 2:30am in the morning a couple of weeks ago when I had had just about enough of this NO SLEEPING nonsense and hauled myself out of bed.  I was tired (but apparently not that kind of tired) of hoping sleep would happen.  I got up and headed down to my sewing room to continue my work on the nursery projects.  Things were cut out, tutorials were found it was simply a matter of putting the projects together.  At that time in the morning I decided to try an put together the change pad cover.

Viola!  The finished cover!  This is of course after two attempts.  So let the tale begin….

Once upon a time there was an about to be mom.  After much consideration she decided that she wanted to make the nursery linen for her little girl.  This to be mom had lofty dreams of course.  Her good friend had given her a change pad, but it needed a cover. “I can make one” the MTB (Mom to be) exclaimed.  She looked online for tutorials and videos and found a wonderful one at E Tells Tales.  The MTB wrote down the measurements of fabric she needed and all the supplies and studied the tutorial closely.  But she put the project away until her spring break when she could actually take the time to work on it.  During her spring break she was ready to make the cover, but alas the tutorial had been taken down – apparently evil people were using the tutorial for business use and were making and selling the change pad covers so the tutorial designer pulled it from her site. The MTB was so disappointed, perhaps she might have weeped a little bit.  Back online MTB went and found another tutorial.  She had such high hopes for this one – after all it included seam allowances, which had been missing from so many.  The materials and supplies were still the same so MTB was ready to go.  One evening when the dreaded Sleep Monster disrupted MTB again and awake she lay wondering what to do.  “I will make the change pad cover,” she decided, “what could possibly go wrong.”  She triple checked her measurements and set off to make the cover. It was near completion too, all that was left was to put the elastic through, but the MTB stopped and decided to fit the cover onto the change pad to make sure nothing had gone array.  To the MTB’s chagrin the cover did not fit – it was too small, the change pad was buckled just to get it into the cover.  Where had she gone wrong – her measurements were good, she even gave extra fabric for seam allowances – just in case.  With her trusty friend the seam ripper she began to rip the end pieces out so she was left with a rectangle piece of fabric.  “Now what do I do?” she said.  Back to the drawing board she went and found yet another tutorial.   But alas this one did not have seam allowances to guide her so she had to trust her eye to guess what they might be.  Then disaster struck – she didn’t have a piece of fabric that was big enough to use to make the cover.  It was too short.  But, that wasn’t about to stop her.  She dug into the pile of fabric that was scraps from the other nursery projects and found a piece that she could add to the sides to make the piece longer.  “It will add a decorative element,” she told herself, after all it was about 4 am at this point and the only other option was to cry (she was saving those for a fitted sheet meltdown later on).      Besides not having any seam allowances – the tutorial was a good one and in no time flat the change pad cover was complete.  

So there you have it.  The adventures of the change pad cover.  You would think with all the bad luck I’ve had with my online tutorials and nursery sewing that I would be deterred and stop – not me, I will not let this beat me. 🙂  Though I have a feeling I might need more than one.  Oh well, another project, another time. Maybe I will use some of the scraps I have – yeah that’s what I will do.

The tutorial and photo is from Smile Like you Mean It

A note to those who use the tutorial for this cover – I would add an extra inch to each of the measurements.  I used the measurements given and I find with a contoured pad it is a bit snug.  

For those who would like to know:

* The change table is a sofa table that we had and could never use.  It has been painted white by Nate.

* The bucket on the floor under the table is our hamper (small I know, but it will keep me on top of laundry, I hope) – Purchased from Canadian Tire

* The storage box on the table is the Martha Stewart Fabric box from Home Depot in Lagoon

* The Diaper Pail is the Playtex Diaper Genie (a gift from my Uncle and Aunt) – Toys R’ Us

* Fabric for the Change Pad Cover: Gray and White Play Dot by Michael Miller



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3 responses to “Change Pad Cover

  1. Oh Jen! You have had more tribulations with those tutorials! The tutes alone would give me sleepless nights!! LOL! The pad/cushion looks great! Love Michael Miller fabrics! Hugs, Doreen

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