Baby Girl’s Quilt: The Hoots


Quilt Deets:

Pattern name: The Hoots by Amy Bradley
size: 49″ x 59″
fabrics: I do not know – it was a kit with a mix from here there and everywhere.


Finished the second quilt for our Baby Girl.  This one I’ve been slowly working off and on since November of 2012.  This one took a lot of time, but with Nate’s help we got it done.

When Quilt Canada was in Calgary, almost 2 years ago now, I saw this quilt in a booth in the Market.  I walked by it a 100 times, loving it and finally made the decision that if it, the kit and pattern, was still there on the last day of the show I was meant to have it and make it- though originally it was going to be made for someone else not for us.  But once I had it in my hand I decided that IN NO WAY WAS THIS GOING TO BE FOR SOMEONE ELSE – especially after reading the directions and saw just how much went into it, I was on a tight deadline and knew there was no way I was getting it done in time.  So I decided that when the day came I would make it for our child.

As I mentioned this took a lot of work and time.  We had to trace out  16 owl bodies, 16 owl tummies, 16 owl eyes, 16 owl eye outlines, 16 beaks and 32 owl feet onto steam a seam.  Then iron them on the fabric, then cut them out, then place them, iron them to the fabric and stitch around all the parts before pieces the sashing and corner pieces on.  Thank goodness Nate was willing to help trace owl pieces out or I think I would be still sitting at my kitchen table.

I will say that all these owl pieces sure made a royal mess of my iron.  I don’t why I seem to always have trouble with steam a seam and residue on my iron.  I was thankful that I was given some iron cleaner so I could at least clean the iron between sections.

A decision that I had to make during the process was what to outline each owl part in.  The pattern called for a brown, but I just didn’t want those pieces to stand out that much.  So I found thread for each of the colors the owls were in and I worked in a blanket stitch around each of the parts (the eyes, the feet, tummies, bodies, etc).  But because I had about 8 different colors of thread I had to try and think of a way to stitch around these pieces so that I wasn’t switching thread every two seconds.  I ended up picking a thread color, like the brown, and stitched ALL the brown pieces first.  On some owls it was the tummy, on some the body.  Then once that color was finished, I switched to the next one.  It worked pretty well.  It was a slow process, but I think it could have been even slower had I tried the other way.

I quilted this pattern in a basic stipple pattern, though I did little swirls in each corner stone, and I outlined the owls as well.

Will I make this quilt again?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE.  Not because I want this to be special and only for our girl and no one else, but because IN MY OPINION (and that is what this is here MY PERSONAL OPINION) this was not a good pattern to work from and I am now leery of patterns by the same company.

Here where some of my issues:

  1. The pattern was printed on ROAD MAP size pieces of paper and there were 4 of them, front and back.  It was pain to work with pieces of paper that large and having to switch back and forth so many times because of the “order” of the instructions.
  2. The cutting instructions are hidden in the paragraphs through out the 4 pages of pattern pages – I prefer having all the cutting instructions on the first page under the fabric requirements.  I really was annoyed that I had to DIG for each cutting instruction
  3. That the instructions were not in a logical order.  The finishing instructions were on a placement piece -which was step 2 of the process, and the borders came before they were to be added
  4. There was a “placement” sheet that you were to use to place the owl pieces, but it wasn’t the same size of the owl if you made the large quilt – instead of the wall hanging – so the placements were wrong
  5. The cutting instructions were wrong.  It said to cut some many pieces for the inner border, so many for the sashing, so many for the binding and each time I had to add at least 2-3 strips more to make it fit – and I checked my quilt measurements each time in case I happened to make the quilt bigger then listed – but nope.

Needless to say I am very happy that this quilt is done.  I am happy with the end result and know it will be terrific, but honestly it was a pain in the rear end.



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3 responses to “Baby Girl’s Quilt: The Hoots

  1. Amanda Harrington

    What did you do to make the eyes? Real buttons, satin hand stitch, fabric?? It is a big pattern to handle and I haven’t seen the eye instructions except for the pillow instructing to use buttons but for a baby quilt I don’t want to do that. Thanks for your help!

    • Jen

      Hi, thanks for your question – and its a good one for sure.
      I didn’t want to use buttons – I worried about safety for my little girl. The kit I had purchased had black fabric to fuse but then I wondered if I would use a stitch to hold them down – I could have used a blanket stitch but I would have had to do it by hand because the circles are so small. I didn’t want to just leave them in case she or I picked at them and was able to lift them up.

      I honestly went out and bought the ZIG Memory System Pen, “the Writer” in PURE BLACK. It has a skinny tip and a fat tip. I found mine at Michaels in the scrapbook pen section where you can find the Micron pens -which would also work (they didn’t have the color I wanted or I would have gotten that pen). I did my best to line up the white eye part with the template and I drew them on and colored them in. I’ve washed my quilt quite a few times and the color has stayed and I have had no bleeding.

      I hope that helps. Best of luck.

  2. I know this is a much older post, but I wanted to say thanks for the pictures and review. I bought this to make my new nephew a quilt since my SIL has requested owls, and I am totally going to avoid much of the instructions! They are all over the place! Your colors were beautiful, though, and I’m going with a similar palette,

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