The Nursery

With every day bringing the birth of our first baby closer it seemed only right that I should get the nursery finished.  And I am very pleased to say it is.  So without further ado here it is.  (this is picture heavy)

Photo is taken from the door looking in

View from the closet

This dresser belonged to my Mom and fits just perfectly in the room.  The bunny and the owl on the dresser are both from Indigo Books.  The monitor is the Philips Avent Dect (which we found at WestCoast Kids).  The art on the wall is called Tiny Dancer by Oopsy Daisy  – which we also found at West Coast Kids.  The knob on the closet if from Anthropologie.

Here is our change table.  The table was a sofa table that we had, but never was able to use.  Nate painted it white for us instead of the dark expresso that it was originally.  The change pad was given to us by a friend, but I made the cover for it.    The bucket under the table, which is our hamper (I know it is small, but it oddly holds a lot, actually all of her clothes at once, I tried it out) I found at Canadian Tire.  The cute lady bug lunch bag was given to her by a good friend at a baby shower.  The fabric box on the table which holds our diapering supplies was found at the Home Depot, its part of the Martha Stewart Collection and it is in the color called Lagoon.

And the crib.  It is the SUNDVIK crib from Ikea.  The crib skirt and all the fabric for the bed linens come from Baby Bedding.  I purchased the crib skirt because I liked theirs better than anything I could create, but I made the crib sheets and the pillows.

The stuffies inside the crib were gifts that our girl was given.  Aren’t they fun?

The art work for the wall comes from Yassis Place on Etsy, though the frames are from IKEA.   I find something similar on pinterest, but then went digging through Etsy to find just the right one.  What was terrific about it was that the person who did the pictures used a fabric sample as her colors.  It just happened to be the same fabric I was using so it matched perfectly.  The bunting along the top I made using the scraps from the linens I made.

This rocking chair was given to me by my parents.  It the one that was in our nurseries.  The chair pad for it came again from Baby Bedding.   The fun owl box is from my brother – it is currently holding some amazing books that she was given by my good friend.  The pink blanket was made by my Great Grandma Pauls.  She made each of the grandchildren a blanket.  She recently passed away, in April, at 102 years of age.

The book slings I first saw in my friend Joey’s nursery and I fell in love with them and decided one day we too would have them.  The tutorial I used to make them is at Penny Carnival.    The fabric I used is also from Baby Bedding.  They are a quick afternoon project and hold a great number of books – depending how big you make them.

Here is our window seat, which I know is not in front of the window.  The window seat is from Homedepot and is part of the Martha Stewart Home Collection as are the fabric boxes below – they called it their storage bench.  It originally came with this ugly tan colored fabric so I recovered it with some fabric I found on the site (mist, gray and white chevron).

And finally above the door we put the last of the bunting – I made too long of a piece so we trimmed it up and put it here.

So this is where I and the little girl will be hanging out.  I find the room to be calming and relaxing which I don’t think will be too bad those first few weeks.




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14 responses to “The Nursery

  1. Bring on the special little “baby bundle”!!! I am so in love with chevrons I canNOT believe it and your color palette would fit so many different needs/locations. Gorgeous blending of all!!!! Hugs and blessings………

  2. nat

    so lovely!! you will appreciate and enjoy it for many months to come!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous – you’ve done an amazing job on it, it’s so lovely!

  4. Its lovely! The book holder is a very good idea!

  5. That is really nice. You are SO much more organized and creative than I was when my kids were born. Good job!

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