Brown Bag Challenge – the conclusion

Last Saturday my guild held their last gathering of the year.  The day we showcase all our challenges for the year, pick our viewer’s choice and settle in to a fun potluck – hopefully this year with some dessert (unlike last year’s debacle).

With the arrival of our little girl, attending the last gathering wasn’t looking so good.  After all Ella arrived on Monday (June 3) and we didn’t get home from the hospital until late on the Thursday (June 6), so getting geared up to go to an event on the Saturday just didn’t seem feasible.

However, on Saturday morning after making a comment about how disappointed I was about not being able to drop off my Brown Bag Challenge and show my other challenge pieces, Nate suggested we take a little drive in our 3 hour feeding window to say our hellos, give my partner her quilt and say goodbye before scream fest began.

So just to recap the Brown Bag challenge once more…..

The Brown Bag Challenge

Anyone who wanted to participate in this was to bring a brown bag filled with 4 fat quarters, 1 meter of fabric and a cookie cutter.  We all put them in a pile and then randomly grabbed a different bag.  Your job with the new brown bag is make a completed (bound and quilted) quilt for your partner using what they’ve supplied you.  In June the finished quilt will be given to your partner.

This was the back of the quilt I created for my partner and until now that was all I could show you.  But since she has it in her hands here is the front.

Pattern name: On the Plus Side (no pattern, just created the quilt using the plus block)
size: 20″ x 24″
fabrics: whatever my partner gave me

I’ve always really liked the Plus Sign Block and have always wanted to create something using it.  Seeing the type of quilts that my partner typically created – more of a modern slant than anything else, I decided to finally put this block into a quilt.  Due to many sleepless nights, thank you pregnancy, I was able to sketch out the pattern in my graph paper sketch book.  I drew where my plus signs would be and where parts of signs would be then took my fab pencil crayons and colored them.  The biggest thing I wanted to make sure I had was a single yellow plus sign off to one side.  I wanted it to STAND OUT to show the PLUS SIGN – and from that my title was formed “On the Plus Side”.  After I decided where I was going to put that yellow plus sign I just had to make sure I varied the placement of the other 4 colors.  This did prove to be more of a challenge then I thought, so there unfortunately was a couple of drafts of the coloring.  Again good thing for sleepless nights 🙂

We were able to stop by on Saturday just in time for the Brown Bag swap.  It was amazing to see all the different quilts that the ladies created using only 4 fat quarters and 1 meter of fabric.  I think this very well might be my FAVORITE challenge the guild has ever had.

Here is the wall hanging the my partner made me.  Cute hey?  I gave her a tiny bird cookie cutter and she enlarged it to use as an applique.  I think it turned out well.  She even flipped some of the fabric around to give her a couple more fabric options.  I didn’t think of that at all.  Great idea.
I think this type of challenge would be a lot of fun to do as a swap through blogs or flickr.  Maybe once the new schedule settles in I’ll give it a try.



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2 responses to “Brown Bag Challenge – the conclusion

  1. i love those corner pockets! would you consider doing a tutorial? 🙂

    • Jen

      I would be happy to do a tutorial on the corner pockets. I use them when I make wall hangings. I will put something together for you.

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