Quilting for Calgary

As I mentioned in a previous post my fair city had terrible flooding a couple of weeks ago.  There has been some incredible stories of people coming together and helping those whose homes were damaged and in many instances, like many of the people of High River, destroyed and they lost everything.

I haven’t been able to go and help out in the communities because Ella hasn’t been allowed in the areas.  Nate went and helped out and even though he came home muddy I was a little envious that he got to go.

What could I do from home, while keeping our feeding and sleeping schedule?  Well I could sew during naps – may only be a few minutes here and there depending on the day, but it is something I could do.

So Ella and I drove down to Traditional Pastimes where they were putting together kits that people could piece together.  Once the top was done I could return it to Traditional Pastimes and one of the volunteer long-armers would quilt it, then it would go to the volunteer binders.

Quilting for Calgary was started by a lady named Bev Rogan.  I don’t know who she is, but what she has organized is amazing.  She started a facebook page and quilters from all over are members of the page – and they are sending quilts – lots of them.  I don’t know what the number is right now, but it is something else.  Places, guilds, are sending 8-15 quilts, some individuals are sending 5.  And they’ve come from all over Canada.  Bev has even been working with shipping companies to try to get the quilts here for a reduced fee – or in some case no fee at all.  There is even an arrangement with Air Angels to have them “escorted” here.  I am amazed by all she has been able to do.  I know she has also teamed with My Sewing Room and Sparrow Studios (in Edmonton), as well as Traditional Pastimes to coordinate and be drop off centres for quilts.

It took me a little bit of time, but I did manage to complete the quilt top I had been given.  It took me a little longer than I had expected – some days I just couldn’t get any sewing time in.

It was a “snowball” block which was a little time consuming because I had to mark all the squares for the corners – there was only 112 of them, but when you have a crying baby, 112 seem like a million.

Now that the top is complete I am working on some Slab blocks for Cheryl’s “Just one Slab”.  More on that in the next post.







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23 responses to “Quilting for Calgary

  1. Allan Ripplinger

    Hi can i purchase a quilt and you donate the money to the flood victims or whatever you think? Thanks Allan 403-852-1644.

  2. Lenore

    Hi Jen – I saw a news story on TV yesterday about Quilting for Calgary quilt donations that were being made and wonder if you could use fabric that I had good intentions for and never got around to using? If so, where could I drop it off?

    • Jen

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by and wanting to help with the Quilting for Calgary movement. I would suggest dropping your fabric donation to either My Sewing Room in south Calgary (just off Macleod Trail and Heritage Drive) they are taking fabric donations and hosting quite a few Sewing Bees to put quilt tops together. Or Traditional Pastimes (7 Parkdale Crescent NW). If that is not what you had in mind please let me know.

  3. Gloria and Carlos Bathen

    Hello beautiful people from Quilting for Calgary!

    We don’t have words to express our gratitude for the beautiful quilt we just received. We love it and for sure warmed our hearts. Thank you so much to the ladies who volunteered their Saturday afternoon to distribute these special quilts. Also, a big thanks to the people who made the quilts – they are adorable. We would also like to thank the donors of resources who help make this possible. My husband and I will treasure this gift of love. We truly appreciate it and valued it so much!

    God bless you always.


    Carlos and Gloria Bathen
    From Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • Jen

      Carlos and Gloria – we are so thrilled that were able to gift you with one of the quilts. Your appreciation is touching. May the quilt bring you so much comfort. God Bless you as well.

  4. julia

    We received one of your quilts today. What a beautiful quilt. We are all really touched by your kindness in thinking of us and the things we lost. We lost a lot of things in the flood and are still trying to fix our basement so that the kids have rooms, but even though it sounds silly, in all honesty the kindness of strangers is what i will remember about the flood.

    • Jen

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I’m so sorry that you lost so much and pray that you will be able to get your basement fixed soon for your children. May the quilt bring you so much comfort.

  5. Hilde Oldham

    My husband came back from our old house with a lovely quilt yesterday that was given to him by a young woman who used to live in our neighbourhood. Fortunately he was there, as he was checking to see what more has to be done to our 1922 bungalow. Finally dried out and the main floor has is now down to subfloor, studs and 1/2 drywalled walls. Lost all the bsmnt. contents and most of the main floor including family photo. We, as so many are still “in flux” and are so grateful to your group in thinking of us. They and all the volunteers are what makes my eyes well up. The rest is just stuff, many have lost much more.
    Our heartfelt thanks, it will be treasured.

    • Jen

      That quilt was obviously meant for you and your family Hilde. I am so sorry that you lost so much and am touched by your attitude. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  6. Debbie Hall

    Why don’t you have a raffle or auction on line for these quilts and donate the money to the victims
    Debbie Hall

  7. Esme Boyle

    When the young man knocked on my door to offer me a quilt I couldn’t believe it. I still get shivers thinking about the efforts that people who don’t know us made to make a quilt for us. I am a novice quilter and did loose a just started quilt in the flood so this is extra special.

    • Jen

      I am so thrilled that a quilt found its way to your home. May the quilt bring you so much comfort. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.

  8. Lorraine

    Hello to all the kind souls who thought of us as our community tries to recover from the devastation of the flood. I would like to thank all of you who contributed to the very warm gesture for sending us quilts . It is such a wonderful act of kindness. We look at the quilt and think daily that people care and that really makes the heart sing!

    Lorraine and family

    • Jen

      I am so thrilled that a quilt found its way to your home. May the quilt bring you so much comfort. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.

  9. Nancy

    We were recent Calgary Flood victims. Our losses included 2 bedrooms, our family room, second bathroom and laundry room. As we are putting our lives back together, we keep telling ourselves that everything we lost was just “Stuff”. The true loss was the family photos, mementos and Grandma’s blankets. The “Quilting for Calgary” gift of a beautiful handmade quilt will help us to rebuild our lives and forge new memories. The generosity of our Calgary community throughout this disaster is heartwarming, and what we hold on to when we feel sad. Thank you so much for your beatiful gift!

    Nancy and family

  10. Peter Aldrich

    Hi, we received most gratefully one of the beuatiful quilts distributed in Clagary. My wife was particulalry touched by this nd the quilt represented a huge positive gem from an ongoing often challenging experience. We live along the river-hit, and what has been going on now is some looting in our area. Things are disappearing. I suppose as a result of residents living elsewhere as contractors help rebuild – allowing certain transients coming and going. My wife had used the quilt briefly in the car last week to hide a new piece furniture, and someone along the way has taken it! She is now distraught. If there is any way to replace one for her, it would be greatly appreciated. I will donate to cover effort. Hartfelt thanks for this wonderful idea and also to all the quilters! – Peter 403 926-5560

  11. Sheila and Bill Clapham

    On this cold winter day, we remember again your bringing the
    beautiful quilt to us.
    It brought tears to our eyes that day in September.
    Thank you again!
    Sheila and Bill Clapham

  12. I have large garbage bags of big pieces of heavy fleece.
    I would like to donate it to a good cause
    Please call or text me

    Sue. 403-512-3370

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