“Just One Slab”



Just One Slab – that was all.  Cheryl, over at Dining Room Empire, made a call to quilters asking for just ONE slab, one block really (a block that she has in her book “Sunday Morning Quilts on page 48), that she would put together for those victims of the flood.


Just a slab. One slab. Grab some scraps of fabric and sew them together.

I’m putting out a call to all my quilty friends out there. Maybe you can’t spare the fabric or time or postage to send a whole quilt as we try to recover in Calgary and Southern Alberta. That’s okay. But I bet you can make just one block. And the more of you that can make and send just one block, the more quilts we’ll be able to donate. I will put all the blocks I get together into quilts. With an army of local long armers lined up to donate their time we will get some beds and hearts covered in no time.

Here are the basics:

Make a slab 15.5” square. You can insert the white bit or not, that’s your choice. Just aim to make your block in a single colour. Make as many as you like.

One block?  Thats it?  Why not I said, after all, if I could put together a quilt top I for sure could put together a block or two.  I was fortunate to be in a class where Cheryl showed the technique first hand.  I will admit, due to laziness, and morning sickness that LASTED ALL DAY LONG, I did not spend any time making the slab blocks that day.  But I had fabric ready to go.

On Friday morning while Ella was sleeping, I made a slab, then I made another one, and started on a third before my girl started to YELL.

Here is my first ever slab block.  It is 15.5″ square.

What I liked about this (and found it a bit liberating) was that I didn’t use a ruler – not until the very end to square it up.  I took fabric bits, sewed them together and then cut them to the size I wanted.  RANDOMLY, some pieces were too big, some too short, it just didn’t matter at all.  It was awesome.  Who would have guessed that someone like me, who doesn’t usually go for random in my piecing found this fun.

At one point in my first block though, I had this massive green line going right through the middle of it and I didn’t like it.  So I took my rotary cutter and cut the thing up and pieced it back together.

Here is the second one.  The first one I built left to right.  Not on purpose, it was just what happened.  This one I tried to build from bottom left, top left and then filled in the rest.

I really enjoyed making these blocks and from what I understand Cheryl has gotten over 186 so far.  Pretty awesome.

If you have some time, try a slab and send it her way.






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  1. Wow! Awesome!!!! Hugs….

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