Life is Beautiful Quilt – A revisit

My little girl is wonderful, though as we speak she is putting up a bit of a fuss…hold on one moment please. Turns out she is just making noise in her sleep.

As I was saying she is wonderful.  She enjoys a good nap, which she must get from her father because it sure isn’t a trait of mine.  She also is very content to either be in the little rocking type chair or her moses basket and watch the world, or me and Molly, go by.  Which has allowed me to get things like laundry, cleaning, and cooking done.  I’ve even managed to get in a bit of quilting and a nap (if I could).  We are so very fortunate to have her as content as she is because I know this isn’t the case with all newborns.

Since I’ve been fortunate enough to have a little time here and there to quilt I decided to revisit a quilt I started back in January of 2011 called Life is Beautiful.  I had been working on the embroidery for Life is Beautiful since January and finished them in February of 2012.  There was 32 blocks that needed to be stitched – though they are on a smaller scale.

Block size is 8 1/4″ unfinished

I haven’t touched this project since February of 2012.  I’ve had other projects that I wanted to do like Hocuspocusville and baby quilts to make (our friends were all expecting at that time).  And to be honest with you – I wasn’t happy with the way the project was coming together and I wasn’t enjoying putting it together.  After stitching all the designs you had to applique them onto the 4 patch, which you had to construct at some point.  But for the life of me, I couldn’t get the circle to be a circle applique following the method listed in the instructions so I wasn’t happy with the overall look.

I walked away from the project to complicate my problem.  After a while I finally came up with a solution that I thought would work and one I would be happy with.  I tried it out on one block first – I could always hide the block in the quilt somewhere if I had to – but it turned out rotten.

But I had success and they looked much better than the first ones I had done.  Now to move on……

All the 4 patches have been constructed, all the circles have been appliqued on and all the blocks have been quilted (its a quilt as you go kind of deal).

The stack of blocks are sitting on my table right now just waiting to go together.



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8 responses to “Life is Beautiful Quilt – A revisit

  1. Wow…that’s so nice!! I haven’t done a QAYG in ages and will be curious to see how yours comes out! That little Sweetie is definitely the ‘star’ of this post!!!!! Hugs……

  2. Love this quilt idea! Is it a pattern or your own design?

    • Jen

      Hi. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. The quilt “Life is Beautiful” is a pattern by Hugs and Kisses (Helen Stubbings) You can find it in BOM format or can purchase the whole pattern pack. The original is in red and cream but the store I did the BOM through went with a different color way.

  3. Jen, I couldn’t find an email for you so I’m leaving this note here. I’m looking for a light pad for tracing patterns. I found your post that you got the artograph one. That is the one I have been looking at. Do you still like it? Does it work well for that? What size did you get? You should be Be able to email me back from this post – I hope!

  4. Lovely embroidery.
    And the pictures of your baby are priceless!

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