Who’s down with EPP? Yeah You Know Me.

I figured it was time that I got back into the swapping scene and I’ve always enjoyed the Flickr run swaps.  I’ve been a member of the Mini QT Swap for sometime now and this month the swap theme was English Paper Piecing (EPP) or Paper Piecing (Foundation Piecing is another name for it – though that is different too).  I’ve dabbled in EPP and PP/FP  and have enjoyed them so I figured this would be the perfect one to join to get back into the scene.

I signed up and got matched up with Debbie from Shadows of the Blue Ridge.  She is a middle school teacher as well and we have quite a few things in common.  I’ve enjoyed very much getting to know her through her flickr mail and reading her blog – check it out she has done some neat quilts and projects.  Seriously CHECK IT OUT!   (I’ve linked her twice in case you didn’t catch it the first time).  After chatting with her, snooping through her photos, and reading her blog I decided on a design and started to work.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of stores who carry the Paper Pieces templates.  Only one that I can think of and know of, but they only have large hexagons.  Wasn’t what I needed so I had to make a new plan.  I found the templates I needed online, but I didn’t want print them out on the regular office paper I had at home.  As I recently bought this recycled paper that is like a thin newsprint and I knew it wouldn’t hold up when working with the paper pieces.  Options?  Order the paper pieces – takes about 4-6 weeks to get here only leaves about 2-4 weeks to complete the mini quilt and get it in the mail.  Not good odds if you ask me not on a project that has a time limit.  Then I remembered that I could request certain paper weights, like cardstock, at the Staples Copy Centre.  So I took those template pdf files and ordered copies of them via the online Staples Copy Centre in the 100 weight paper.  They worked great, I just had to be careful to cut them out.

However, once I had them cut out and laid out I discovered that I had a serious problem on my hand.  My templates were too big, making my mini too big.  Oh I was upset.  But with some help from Nate we figured out how we could trim the templates down to get it to the right size.  So I cut them again.  Once I had that done, the cutting and basting was finished and I was able to take my first teaser photo….

More to come…..


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One response to “Who’s down with EPP? Yeah You Know Me.

  1. I just love reading the “story” behind the quilting process! You’ve gone to a lot of work on this little mini already! I learned something new…I never thought about having Staples print my templates! Great idea! I’ve just been using regular copy paper which works fine, but my current project has some pretty sharp points to the shapes and a stiffer paper would probably have been helpful during the basting process. Happy stitching ;o)

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