Just One Slab – Assembly

Its hard to believe that just over two months ago our city flooded.  And since then people have been helping put the city back together as well as in High River.

Shortly after that Quilts for Calgary began.  People from all over donated completed quilts, tops, fabric, batting and time.

Photo by Bev Rogan

Photo by Bev Rogan of Quilting for Calgary

This is a photo at Traditional Pastimes of some of the quilts have been donated.  And more are coming in. At last count I heard there was 1025 quilts.

Another initiative that was started in the city was Cheryl’s “Just One Slab“.  Asking people to create a slab block and mail it in.  Cheryl was hoping to make 10 quilts and each quilt takes 20 blocks, meaning she needed 200 blocks.  Instead Cheryl got over 2000 meaning she could make 100 quilt tops – a daunting task.  She made a call out to quilters to see if they could help.  I volunteered.   Ella and I went over to Cheryl’s place and grabbed some slab sets that Cheryl had made up and took them home to sew.  They went together pretty quickly in fact that I took the finished tops back a couple days later and grabbed a few more slab sets.

I enjoyed putting them together so much in fact that I have plans to put together a few of my own.  Just have to get a couple other things off my to do list first.  Anyways, no matter where you put the blocks and against other blocks they went together and complimented each other well.  I did a few multi colored ones and a few monochromatic ones (well they had different values of the same color – all green for example).

Head over to Cheryl’s blog for more “Just One Slab” Quilts.


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