Penguins at the Zoo

Since I heard that the penguins were coming to our zoo I have wanted to go and see them, I just haven’t been able to get there.  But on August 23 my friend Christine and her little girl, and our other friends Michelle and Chels decided to hit the zoo before Michelle and Chels went back to school.

It was wonderful – the penguins were wonderful.   They have a few of them outside that you can watch while you wait to get inside to the exhibit.

Once inside there are two large pools that contain quite a few different species of penguins.  It is a bit chilly in there – which is expected.

These fellows were diving in and out of the water – none of those pictures came out well sorry to say.  And they had a fun way of swimming about and splashing.  Michelle and I got water splashed on us a few times.

These fellows are the King Penguins who are bigger than our puppy Molly and they apparently run the show.  We learned a lot about the penguins.  Seeing these penguins allowed me to cross off another thing on my 32 to do list.

I could have stayed in exhibit all day, but there were other animals to see.



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2 responses to “Penguins at the Zoo

  1. Quite the characters for sure!!!

  2. Love the pictures ! I love to sew and quilt and adore penguins 🙂 Thanks for sharing~

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