Love/Hate Relationships: HST

I’ve learned over the past years that the simple half square triangle block is one of the most versatile blocks that a quilter can have in their arsenal.  They layout possibilities for this block seem to be endless – Check some of these out.  And that isn’t even close to what you can do.

Yet, I have not always enjoyed making them at all. There seems to be an equally large number of ways to construct them too.  And each pattern designer has their favourite method – which was confusing for the beginner quilter – where my L/H relationship started.  Melanie over at Melanie Dramatic is currently doing a feature on her blog all about the different ways, please check them out, it is a wonderful feature – I’ve been learning alot.  I know 3 of them for sure, I like the square stitch method myself, but often in patterns and kits they allocate enough fabric for the traditional way.

You see when I started my quilting I joined a group called Bible Blocks – now Where Women Gather and one of the most used block was the HST.  Every time I tried to make one and put it into my quilt I somehow messed up the squaring up and would lose my points or the blocks would end up being too small.  My friend had to write me a message about the HST to keep my sanity – it still works – 3 years later.

But yet I love quilts made up of all half square triangles.  I have a couple on my design wall right now that I am playing around with.  Here are three of the layouts.

This problems reminds me of my relationship with chocolate – love to eat it, but know too much is a very bad thing for trying to get into ones clothing.

What are your feelings on HST? 



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7 responses to “Love/Hate Relationships: HST

  1. You said it well….right down to the chocolate!!!!! Hugs…..

  2. I love HST’s and my favorite above is #1 🙂

  3. 🙂 thank you! I don’t like the square stitch because of the bias edge. But love your layouts above. The first is so appealing to me – it’s randomness really flows and keeps my eyes interested! They really are versatile little blocks. I have a few more methods to show too.

    • Jen

      You’re welcome. I’ve really enjoyed your feature. I’ve been learning a lot. I especially appreciate the pro/con list. And your comment about the bias edge is go true, I noticed it once I was working with them and it has caused me some problems. I find they are the lazy way to do them a bit because you don’t have to mark. Can’t wait to read the rest of the methods.

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