FNQG: Challenge Wrap – a late update

Last year our guild had a challenge to make a scrappy quilt.  In my opinion, I don’t have a large stash of fabric to dive into – though Nate would probably disagree.   I have a lot of fabric (don’t get me wrong) but they are destined for projects.  So this challenge stopped me in my track. Part of the challenge was the quilt had to have a minimum – a MINIMUM of 40 fabrics.  YIKES!  40?  I didn’t want to (and my fun budget wouldn’t have allowed it) to go out and purchase 40 meters/fat quarters etc, but I also didn’t want to miss out on the challenge.  I enjoy the challenges – besides I’m a touch competitive so the word challenge stirs something inside.  Then I remembered that Carrie Nelson – Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company specializes in those fun little quilts using a bit of yardage and charm squares.  An answer to my problem because charms packs usually have 43 different fabrics and are reasonable priced – though sometimes challenging to find here.

I really liked the McGuffey pattern in the Schnibbles line.    It reminded me a bit of a bento box quilt and since I like that look I decided to give it a whirl.

I never did get to enter it into the challenge – though I did finish it well within the time but our little girl’s arrival a few days earlier made it a touch difficult to get there on time 🙂

The Schnibbles patterns are really enjoyable to do.  The are a great size for a wall hanging or a table topper.  The instructions are terrific and easy to follow, which was good for my then pregnant brain – only had to use the seam ripper ONCE!  They are economical too since charm packs and the minimum yardage doesn’t set you back an arm and a leg.  And finally Carrie Nelson’s patterns are quite funny.  If you actually read every word she has little jokes throughout or answers questions that people send her.

I would recommend her patterns for sure.




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