Thread Catchers

As you may know I enjoy hand stitching/embroidery.  I enjoy it while watching….strike that….listening to the tv (I can’t look up from the stitching yet.  Though I don’t know if anyone can), watching a movie or just chatting with Nate.  The problem with my hand work, embroidery, binding a quilt, or clipping the threads from the quilt is that the thread usually ends up on the floor.  Even though I stack it into a little pile – some how a couple of rouge pieces get free and stick to the carpet equaling another vacuuming job (yuck!).

I’ve been pinning some thread catchers for a while and just haven’t bitten the bullet to make one.  Until recently.  I was reading the latest Better Home and Garden “Quilts and More” magazine and saw that Rachel over at PS i Quilt had made some and by going over to you could obtain the pattern.  Finally it was my chance to solve the thread on the carpet problem.

It says that you are able to make 2 thread catchers with the 2 fat quarters plus a bit of scrap.  I actually made 3 using 3 fat quarters and there were scraps to spare.

It was a simple little project that really took no time at all.  In fact I did it during Ella’s morning nap so I felt pretty good that I actually finished them.

Now I can leave one at home and use it for my sofa sewing and put one in my sewing basket for when I travel.  And the last one I’m going to give to a friend who often complains about threads on her carpet too.  Hope she likes it.  I can’t wait to make more.  They would make great gifts for my sewing friends.

Here is a little song Nate made up about the thread catchers to the tune of “Three Blind Mice.”

“three little thread catchers, three little thread catchers, see how they stand, see how they stand.  They catch the thread like there is no tomorrow so it doesn’t get on the carpet anymore  Three little thread catchers.”



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3 responses to “Thread Catchers

  1. Super cute and another great idea!!!!!!

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