Inner Conflict: part 2

I shared with you the other day about this conflict that I’ve been having with trying to manage my “free time” also known as nap time.  I also shared this statement.

 If there was a project that people I knew were doing I wanted to do it too no matter what the skill level.  I joined every club, swap and group I could find, just to be apart of the group – to be included.

This is also starting to change for me.  I still have this longing to be included, to share the experience of trying to complete a project – the trials and tribulations but…how do I say this….some of the projects don’t quite interest me.  Harsh?  I know – I feel awful for saying it.  Before Ella, yep this again has to do with our new addition, I would participate no matter what.  And you know what?  I have quite a few tops that I think will remain tops only.  I don’t have any real desire right now to finish them, because honestly – where would I put them?  What would I do with them? And if I am being completely honest, I don’t like some of them – but I did them to be part of a group.

Now, I want to work on things that I want to do.  I’ve been hoarding projects for years now.  Ones that I’ve always wanted to do.  I have the pattern and even the fabric but just haven’t done them.  I’ve been working on gifts for other people and those group projects, but haven’t done a lot that are for us.  In fact I’ve been neglecting Nate’s quilt for  A LONG TIME NOW!  And I want to complete it – but those ‘deadlines’ for others seem to dictate the schedule.

I think I’m going to start doing the projects that I WANT TO DO.  I can still be part of a group, by physically being part of it and hearing about the woes and sharing suggestions (if they are needed), but I don’t think I need to work on the same project.

I’m discovering this because the time I have to quilt/sew is short and I would rather spend it doing a project that interests me rather than something that doesn’t really hold my attention and I don’t enjoy doing.

With this all being said – I wonder what I should start first?



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4 responses to “Inner Conflict: part 2

  1. This is so important! I think it would be fun to be part of a group, then take what they are talking about and applying it to a project I want to do. Several years ago I learned that it is okay not to finish a book if I wasn’t enjoying it. That needs to apply to sewing projects as well. Have fun!

    • Jen

      Thanks so much for taking time to comment and sharing your thoughts. I think you are right, just being part of the group is enough – applying what I learn to my projects. Good insight.

  2. Good thoughts from Anya!! Sometimes the heaviest burdens we carry are “self-inflicted”!! I totally understand the thing about having projects all set to do and by-passing them ‘cuz there’s the ‘have to’ (who says??) projects. Of course, we quilters want to share our quilty art, but (and I have just come to this realization) there are so many who would receive such a gift w/o truly realizing that it’s more than just fabric. Follow your heart and your “real” friends will understand and accept you……hugs…….

  3. Blue.Ridge.Girl

    Sounds to me like you are making some wise decisions. I find myself in total agreement with you. I’m try to be very choosy with what I get involved in because of the time commitment involved. Every once-in-a-while impulsiveness gets the better of me, but I’m getting better about it.

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