Mini QT Swap: EPP Unveiling

I can finally unveil the English Paper Pieced mini quilt I made for the Mini QT Swap as the swap is over and my partner has received her piece.

My partner Debbie from Shadows of the Blue Ridge, said that she liked EPP that used two or more pieces – for example hexagons and squares.  I snooped around until I found the Spring Carnival that I’m A Ginger Monkey made and thought that would be perfect as it contained squares and triangles.  But as I mentioned in my last post about the paper piecing templates aren’t readily available here so I was pleased to see that the Spring Carnival pattern came with a template pdf that I could print out and use.  Instead of printing it at home I took those template pdf files and ordered copies of them via the online Staples Copy Centre in the 100 weight paper.  They worked great, I just had to be careful to cut them out.  However once I laid them out I discovered they would make a mini quilt that was 20″ which was too big as our quilts had to be 12″ maximum.  With Nate’s help, as he is better at math than I am, we figured out how much of each piece we had to cut off to get the mini quilt down to the right size.

I used I’m A Ginger Monkey’s technique of glue basting my pieces and then hand stitched them together.  I couldn’t decide if I should hand quilt it, but felt that a straight machine stitch would finish this off nicely.  I didn’t want to ruin Debbie’s mini with my first endeavour of hand quilting.

Once I was working on my mini I was trying to think about what little goodie I could include in Debbie’s parcel.  She had made a comment on one of my journal covers and how much she liked it.  I knew then that it would be the perfect goodie to make her.  I even stepped out of my usual comfort zone and used BRIGHT colors to quilt it – as Debbie likes bright colors.  A copper organza was the perfect choice when it came to covering the scrap pieces to quilt.  It muted the bright colors just enough to let the stitches shine through.

I really enjoyed swapping with Debbie.  We had a great time teasing each other with photos, commenting on photos and reading each other’s blogs.  I felt like their was a great connection.  I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.



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4 responses to “Mini QT Swap: EPP Unveiling

  1. Awesome!!! I see paisleys (stitching) in that cover….my fave. So the finish size was 12″ sq.???? You amaze me once more! Hugs….

    • Jen

      The paisleys are my favorite as well. I doodle them all over one day I will be brave enough to actually quilt them on a full quilt. One day. I got the mini down to 12″ x 13.5″ because the design isn’t square – if I squared it off I lost part of my top. I could have made the squares smaller but not those silly triangles.

  2. Blue.Ridge.Girl

    So fun to read about the process you went through in designing both the sweet Ferris Wheel mini quilt and the awesome journal cover! I always enjoy reading about the story behind a piece. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into making these for me Jen! I love them both :o)

    • Jen

      You are so welcome. I enjoyed making these for you so much especially because I felt like I actually KNEW the person I was making it for. 🙂

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