Mini QT Swap EPP: My Lovelies

Look at the lovely package the my partner Blue.Ridge.Girl.  made for me.  There is this wonderful mini quilt called “Whirling Wheels”.  The EPP is exquisite – her hand piecing is perfect – What thread did she use?  You can’t see a single stitch.  She also free motioned this terrific whirling pattern that just make the whole mini.

She also made this wonderful little plushie for Ella – Dottie the dinosaur.

Dottie is made out of this wonderful yellow minky with fun taggies.  She is soft and cuddly.  Ella has been enjoying Dottie.

Debbie has been a truly wonderful partner.  I mean she made a little goody for Ella – nothing is sweeter.  Its been so wonderful to make such a lovely new friend.


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