Row Markers

My favourite quilting tool is my green painters tape.  I use it for so many things in my quilting.  One of which is marking my rows after I’ve finalized my setting on my design wall.  However I always feel bad about the waste of tape each time because I find it really is a one time use.

Sometimes I think if I just take the blocks down and keep them in their row piles I won’t mess up my rows – so far I’ve only been right ONCE.  Meaning, I had to do a lot of unpicking to fix my mistake – mistakes.

I started to think what I could possibly use as row markers instead of the green tape, little paper bits or just trying my luck.  I got to thinking about those metal price tags that some stores have – they have a hole in them where I thought I could put a safety pin.  So I headed over to my friendly neighbourhood Staples and found some.

I numbered them from 1-15 and put arrows on them showing which way they should be pressed.  So far they’ve been very helpful.

Usually I just put the tag on the safety pin I use to keep the row together – but in this case I had the row together first and I put the tag on afterwards.

What is your favourite tool to use for marking your rows?


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One response to “Row Markers

  1. That is a great idea! I have just used paper pinned on, but the tags would be re-useable.

    And I’m like you – I put the pieces up on my flannel wall, and I’m as careful as can be taking them to the sewing machine, but if they are not marked, you can bet I’ll get them mixed up somehow!

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