Where did October go?

Seriously, where did October go?  My last post was in the middle of October and I haven’t been writing since.  Its not that I haven’t been doing things that I wanted to share, but I’ve been so busy doing those things that I haven’t had the time to write.

October was a touch busy.  In the guild that I belong to, The Flying Needles Quilt Guild, I was preparing for a demo that I had to present.  Reading and re-reading my demo notes and preparing my demo samples and trying to stay within my 20 minute time limit – self inflicted so I didn’t ramble on – it happens – look its happening right now.  Our theme for this year is Quilts Around the World and our big challenge for the year was to create a Trip around the world quilt using a minimum of 4 blocks, setting is up to you, block size is up to you.  I did a demo on the TATW block using that fab tube method.

Ella and I also went and watch Nate run his first 5k race with work.  I thought more people would have come out and cheered them on, but when the race is in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday it is a bit tricky.  But we were there and cheered as every runner and walker went by.

Nate Running

Don’t you think Nate looks too happy to be running a 5 k?  Though this photo was taken within the first 5 minutes of the run – so….

I also learned (again) to crochet.  I learned back when I was young and my Grandma taught me.  I remember making a maroon rug for my doll house.  Since trying it again I’ve crocheted an infinity scarf and two slouchy beanies.

We had Thanksgiving and friend visiting for Teacher’s Convention, a class on how to introduce solids to your baby, and of course Halloween.

Halloween was very fun….only because I got to dress Ella up in a fun ladybug suit and she didn’t mind it at all.

You may think that in this photo her legs are lifted in the air.  They are not, the suit is that puffy.

It was very fun to dress her up and take her around the mall with all the people fawning over her.  She was cute.  Can’t wait till next year – yes I have her costume already 🙂



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3 responses to “Where did October go?

  1. This time of year always seems to go by quickly!! Cute ladybug you got there!

  2. Nathan

    What’s wrong with the left wrist of the guy running?

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