Quilt Retreat at Paula’s

This last week was the annual Fall quilt retreat in Sundre.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to go.  There was many reasons that made me lean towards not attending, but Ella was my biggest.  I just couldn’t leave her behind.  I couldn’t bear to not see her wake up in the morning or at night time or be near her.

I shared my fear with Nate and he suggested I stay home and have my own quilt retreat to give me a little break and relaxation but where I could still be close to Ella.  I shared my plan with my friend Paula who thought it was a great idea and decided that it should be at her house.  It was close to home, about 5 minutes away, and if there was a problem with Ella it would be easy for me to run home and quickly.

We met up on Friday afternoon, as my mom came over to spend some time with Ella, and got started.   Paula got right to cutting a fat quarter quilt in flannel and I went to work on my Trip Around the World project (sorry no pictures till June) and some Swoon blocks. We visited, and pieced/cut, ate some fab food, and stayed up really late – well really late for us.

We started early on Saturday too.  I finished my Swoon blocks, though it seems my staying up caused some problems  when assembling one of them.  When in the swing of things I can do one in about an hour – we timed it.

I also started a project that I’ve carried with me for 2 years now.  Windy Day was a Moda Bakeshop project that I loved. Though there were some complications that I didn’t anticipate. I’m not sure if it was me and the instructions or the instructions and me.  But I’m happy with the outcome.

I also finally got started on my birthday project, Tula Pink’s Anchors Aweigh.  Honestly I was saving that quilt for quilt retreat.  I was able to complete 5 rows.  Row 1-4 is shown below and I have row 8 complete as well.  It was a lot of work, each row has subsections in it that you assemble to complete the row.  It was a like a puzzle and I worked hard and making sure all my little squares lined up.

We had a wonderful time, a truly wonderful time.  We sipped tea, watched the snow fall, visited, laughed, ate lovely food, were cozy with the fire place going, listened to jazz, and shared time together.

I can’t wait till we go it again.



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2 responses to “Quilt Retreat at Paula’s

  1. Love the Windy Day one! So pretty!

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