Christmas Stockings

For almost seven years Nate has been complaining about my Christmas stocking.  I wouldn’t say it is the largest I have ever seen, but compared to Nate’s it is a touch bigger – a touch.  He says it is too big and hard to fill – hence why in years past I’ve received a full box of crackers.

We are quickly approaching our first Christmas with our little girl and she needed a stocking.  I had seen a pattern made by Thimble Blossom called Merry.  I liked the look of them and the fun patterns that you could pick from.

I headed out to the fabric store back in October? maybe even September and picked out fabric for all of us, as we figured it was time to all have new stockings.

They turned out pretty well.  Though I did have a few challenges.  The cuff for one was a touch tricky.  When I first made it I used a 1/4″ seam allowance but no matter how I tried to attach it – it was too big for the main body.  So I made a few alterations so that I wouldn’t have a weird fold in the back.   I probably tried the cuff on my first one about 5 times.  And getting the shape of the toe just right was also something I found to be tricky.

The chevron is Nate’s, Ella’s is in the middle and mine is on right.  I think they will be good and easy to fill – you’re welcome Nate. 🙂



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3 responses to “Christmas Stockings

  1. Very nice!!! Now, you’re set… more boxes of crax!!! LOL! I really should do such for Tom and I!! Made one for a client last week that turned out cute….hmmmmmm. I’ll just have to see. I agree, the cuff can be a ‘pain’!!!! I really like the “pinwheels”!!! Hugs………

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