Crochet: A new hobby

My buddy Lauren, from wilting with Lauren fame, wanted to learn crochet.  My grandma taught me years ago, though I didn’t quite get it and wasn’t very good at it.

I still had a hook and yarn and I thought it would be something that we could do together at the Where Women Gather meetings.  After watching some videos on youtube and some big practice with ugly green yarn I got the hang of it again.  Correction, I actually got it this time.

I really wanted to make a slouchy beanie hat and an infinity scarf.  I made an infinity scarf – though I do not have a photo right now.  I’ll get it for you.  I used the pattern by “On the Wings of a Dove” and it was a great pattern – though I had trouble with twisting.

After searching I was able to find a pattern at “Jenn likes Yarn”   After 4 bad attempts (ran out of yarn twice, and used a cotton at one point – epic fail) I made one for myself in neon coral and crocheted it really loose.  So I tried again using the yarn that she suggested.  I used the Red Heart Soft yarn, which is 256 yards.  I will express frustration though.  As this was only my second project and with the failures of my previous attempts due to yarn shortage I didn’t want to make the same mistake, and I found that the pattern didn’t really inform the user how much yarn is needed, one skein, two?  I left three comments to ask, but alas no response so I was on my own.   I discovered it takes about 3/4 of the 256 yard skein.

I will admit that I did enjoy making this pattern and have made quite a few since.

These are for my friend Chris and her little girl M.

Then I figured Ella needed one.

I’m making myself one too, so I can match the girls.  The color is called Grape in case you needed to know.

After I saw the hat I figured Ella needed some cute crochet booties.  I had many failed attempts, many.  But I finally was able to find a pattern that worked for me – though I merged two patterns together to get a cleaner toe and cuff.

I’d like to try those cute animals as well, but since I only have a couple hooks I have to wait until I can build up my collection.

Am I giving up sewing?  NO! But it does give me another option for an evening activity, especially when I’m not in the mood for stitching.



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5 responses to “Crochet: A new hobby

  1. Sheryl

    The booties and beanie on Ella are tooooo cute! Don’t buy a set of crochet hooks as I will happily give you your Grandma’s set! Also I have a great easy crochet infinity scarf pattern that I can send you a pic of and share if you would like. I’ve made 2 for myself and 1 for a special student at school. We wear them all the time! Aunt Sheryl

    • Jen

      Really? Grandma’s set? Oh I would love those so much. That is if you aren’t planning on using them. I would love the pattern too, as I mentioned having some trouble with the twisting.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I hope you will again.

  2. Not in the mood for stitching?????? Really??? LOL! Looking good on the crochet front!!! The booties are darling!!! Hugs…..

    • Jen

      I know, right? Not in the mood for stitching? CRAZY. I should have said that when I have poked myself enough in the fingers and they are hurting too much I look for something else to do. Though right now I’m having frustrations with a pattern I’m stitching (THE FLOSS) so I took a break so when I did go back to it, I could and actually want to finish it.

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