Hand Stitching

Over that past year I’ve been stitching the Scandinavian Rose Pattern  by Rosalie Quinlan.  It features the look of red work and some patchwork.  However, I have yet to tackle any of the patchwork.

I’m half way through all the blocks right now.  There are 14 of them and for the most part are smaller than the Hocus Pocus Ville quilt that I completed, but my word these blocks have a lot of detail.  Rosalie Quinlan uses chain stitches, satin stitches, and back stitches.  I’ve used the stem stitch as well just to add some variety and because at certain points, after stitching a block for 2 months, I wanted a faster stitch.

As you can see there is a lot of satin stitch.  This is done on hanky linen that is pre stamped.  I’m still on the fence when it comes to stamped patterns or ones you trace yourself.  I was happy not to have to trace all of these details, but sometimes it is difficult to stay on the lines of the stamp as they are bigger than the tracing pen I use.

The block above was a real time consumer – tons of detail and I prefer to use a 5 or 6″ hoop.

Another issue I had was the floss I was using.  It came with the block of the month and did match my fabrics well, but it has been a pain in the rear to use.  Bunching, knotting, shredding – horror.  I was using the 3 strand at first, it is a pre packaged 3 strand roll, but it gave the appearance of a 2 strand.  After an error I ended up with 2 strand which looked like a single strand.  I’ve used a lot of floss too.  I’ve used 8 spools, about 30 yards per spool.  Thats a lot of floss for  7 blocks – its almost a spool a block, so when I lose floss to shredding I get annoyed.

Because I am so annoyed I am taking a break from it and going back to the pattern I started stitching before.  I’m back on the Crabapple Hill “Snowman A to Zzzzz”

One down 25 to go.  I really like snowmen so I’m looking forward to stitching up 26 of them.



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7 responses to “Hand Stitching

  1. Bev Sproule

    Amazing stitchery!

  2. Your red work is really really gorgeous.

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