Crabapple Hill: Sunflower Stitch Folder

I’m a HUGE FAN of Crabapple Hill Studio’s embroidery patterns.  The patterns are well written, the illustrations are spectacular and they are super duper fun to do.  I’ve done the Vintage Postcard.

And Hocus Pocus Ville – though with a different setting

Right now I have two in my UFO bucket that call my name.  I’ve read the patterns over and over again that I think I could do them from memory, but I haven’t been brave enough to try.  You see they use the color tinting technique and I find it intimidating so in the bucket they continue to sit.  The patterns I have, the Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage and Spellbound  and as you can see they are not small by any means.

They’ve sat long enough but I thought I would ease my way into the color tinting technique by trying something small first.  In October they released a new pattern, Sunflower Stitch Folder , and Out of Hand carried it so I picked it up as my start – something small to get my feet wet.

It is a stitchery folder, a place to keep your pattern, hoop and stitching fabric, floss and scissors.

I’ve been working on it for a little bit now and I am happy to say it is complete.

It measures about 30″ x 11.5″ so it is a good size – it will even fit the larger Crabapple Hill Patterns.

It folds up into a nice sized folder that gives you 3 pockets to place all your stuff.  For a while I was contemplating not putting the elastic and button on but I was concerned with losing my supplies – as I’ve recently had some floss go MIA.

The pattern used back stitches, fly stitches, french knots, cross stitches, circular blanket stitch and a cast on stitch for the forget me nots which I hadn’t done before.

But seriously, lets talk the color tinting.  I LOVED IT.  I’ve always enjoyed coloring, I think I could color all day.  I even enter the coloring contests at school.  Anyways, I loved this technique so much.  I found, for myself, I liked the look if I colored in small circles, just the way my mom taught me, it gave it a smoother look.

One thing I did learn was you need to color darkly because after it is heat set you lose some of the brightness.  When I was coloring I thought, “oh my this is sure going to be very bright, I better color lighlty”.

The picture below if before the heat setting.

This is after the heat setting.  A definite difference for sure.  Though I did like how it softened the lace detail, but I was sad to see how it faded my little purple flowers and how my sunflowers didn’t pop as much.  Lessoned learned for the next color tinting quilt.

The 3D flowers are the cast on stitch.  It sure was neat to try, though I don’t know how they fit 5 petals in.

If you haven’t tried color tinting and embroidery – you should give it a try.  It is amazing.  I’m already working on my next piece.



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4 responses to “Crabapple Hill: Sunflower Stitch Folder

  1. That is gorgeous! I’ve not tried coloring but may have to give it a ‘whirl’ after seeing this!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!! Hugs….

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