Baby Toy Tethers

Ella and I like to take little adventures in and around the city.  We go for walks with our friends Chris and her little girl M, to the mall, movies, and coffee dates with Lauren and Mr. H.  One thing I’ve learned along the way is if toys, soothers, and bottles aren’t tied down they can be thrown out of the stroller, dropped on the floor, or lost somewhere. Some of the toys are expensive too.  Sophie the Giraffe, is one of the best toys for a little one, in my opinion and is one of Ella’s go to toys.  But it is expensive ranging anywhere from $25-30, depending where you purchase it from, but again one of the best toys ever.  We take Sophie with us almost everywhere we go and it would be awful if it somehow got lost.  Little M lost hers in the farmers market.  I didn’t want that to happen to Ella so I constructed some toy tethers.

I made a couple different versions  of the tether.  Some with suspender clips to be able to clip to the stroller, car seat walls or clothing.  I also made some with a chord at both ends as my stroller has these little loops on the seat that we could attach toys too.  I also thought these ones would be good for restaurants because you could loop them to the chairs or the high chairs they sometimes provide.

We tried them the other day when we hit the mall and thank goodness we did.  As we were talking I saw Sophie fly out the stroller, but luckily just dangled from the side until I was ready to pick her back up and give her back to Ella.

The next problem, just making sure I pack them in the bag when we head out.



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5 responses to “Baby Toy Tethers

  1. Is Sophie not adorable….no-one would like to lose Sophie 🙂

  2. Yup……gotta remember to take ’em!!!!! LOL!

  3. M.

    What an ingenious solution. Wish I had one of those with my baby- she was always losing her things.

  4. Great idea for the toy tethers! Helps keep them clean, too, since they are not hitting the ground ;o)

  5. Hey! i like your post, I also do it!

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