Cobalt Crochet

For Christmas Nate gave me some crochet patterns from The Velvet Acorn Shop.  And on boxing day, we headed out at the crack of dawn, 7am, to hit the stores for boxing day sales.  I think this was the first time we had ever done it.  Nate was looking for a coat, I was looking for yarn and Michaels had advertised a huge yarn sale on boxing day.  I came out with TONS!

I read and re-read the velvet acorn patterns to pick the right one to start with.  I picked the Tuscyn Cowl to start with and then the Nevaeh Slouch .  As I thought I would do them in the same color so make them a set.  They were so much fun to make.  The cowl went together super quick – the longest part of the pattern was getting the button in the right spot.  The the slouch went together pretty good too, until I got scissor happy.  I had finished the hat, was happy with it, had weaved in the ends and went to cut them and mis cut and cut something I shouldn’t have.  So I pulled it apart and started again.  It turned out better the second time.


I would recommend the Velvet Acorn Patterns – they are written well and turn out great.



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4 responses to “Cobalt Crochet

  1. Darling and really love the practicality of the cowl!!!! Great color!!!!! Lookin’ good……………………..

  2. Donna

    What a great site and Canadian…love your fabrics!

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