Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

I was perusing pinterest the other day and found a couple of terrific crocheted blankets using squares of color, granny squares in fact.  One was found on Attic24  and the other was on Crochetime.  As I was reading through the Crochetime blog I found that the author, Natasja, was participating in this thing called “Crochet Mood Blanket 2014”.  I was fascinated by the idea of creating this blanket one square at a time.  The idea came from an instagramer called mummy_stacey and she posted the “rules”.    Basically, you crochet or knit a square or stripe every day or every week  in 2014 and the square or stripe is in a color that represents your mood.

I thought how much fun would this be and I thought a square at a time would be manageable and from the one time I tried a granny square it didn’t take that long – 10 minutes, maybe?  I figured I could handle 10 minutes to crochet one square.

The hunt began, which were the major “moods or states” do I have.  I asked Nate for advice and he was somewhat helpful.  We narrowed it down to about 10 that would hopefully be the main ones throughout the year.

Here are my 10 yarn choices and just to add the blah/grumpy should also include morose it just didn’t fit on the picture.

So I looked up a really good tutorial on granny squares and got to work.  Here are my first 5 squares.

Day 1: Frustrated – A frustrating experience at Fabricland sort of set the tone for the day, not much went right

Day 2: Happy – I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to install Ella’s new car seat all by myself

Day 3: Relaxed – With all the horrid snow, we stayed inside and watched veggie tales

Day 4: Ok – it was just an ok day.

Day 5: Happy – We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch and watched football.  Good day.

It is quite a fun little project.  I think I’m going to do 16 squares x 23, but I might change that.  I’ll just see how it starts shaping up.


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  1. What a fun project! It will be interesting to see what the predominant moods of the year turn out to be 🙂

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