Crochet Mood Blanket 2014: January

As each day goes by, each granny square gets better.  It was un-nerving at first to notice that some of the squares looked more like rectangles, just a touch, but if you squinted you could definitely see a rectangle instead of a square.  It has been noticed though that any time I use the blah/morose/grumpy colour I end up pulling out all the stitches and start again, quite a few times too.  Must be something about that color.

Just to recap the colors:

Heres the run down of the month in colors.

Day 1: Frustrated – A frustrating experience at Fabricland sort of set the tone for the day, not much went right

Day 2: Happy – I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to install Ella’s new car seat all by myself

Day 3: Relaxed – With all the horrid snow, we stayed inside and watched veggie tales

Day 4: Ok – it was just an ok day.

Day 5: Happy – We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch and watched football.  Good day.

Day 6: Tired – Ella did not have a rest full night, therefore neither did I

Day 7: Blah – Another rough evening of sleep, though it was my doing not Ella’s.  Had a meeting today and it was ok, but I just didn’t feel anything but blah.

Day 8: Happy – A fun day with Ella

Day 9: Stressed – We had to get flu shots for Ella.  There has been a flu scare here and the lines go on for hours and there was even talk of running out of vaccine.  Its not like I waited, she wasn’t able to get the second shot until after a certain date.  I didn’t know how she would do in line, how long we would have to wait, would they run out….it all turned out ok, which is why I did another one in the OK color.

Day 10: Excited – Nate and I were going on our second date night since Ella was born.  He took me to dinner at a great restaurant and to the symphony

Day 11: Sad/Hurt – it was a sad day.

Day 12: Ok – It was an ok day.   Aftermath of the day before I suppose.

Day 13: Blah – Tweaked my back a bit so it limited me in what we could do

Day 14: Happy – visited with a friend today, and then took Ella sledding for the first time – she loved it and so did I

Day 15: Ok – sometimes thats all that I can say

Day 16: Happy – Had a fun time at Moms group with my friends and Ella played happily in the nursery.

Day 17: Tired – Just didn’t sleep well so a bit slow today.

Day 18: Sad

Day 19: Excited – We dedicated Ella at church today and had a wonderful brunch with friends and family

Day 20: Ill – just a touch under the weather

Day 21: Relaxed: A relaxed day at home.

Ella rolled to the basket one day and pulled out the blanket and rolled herself in it.

Day 22: Ok – had to fix things today that was a pain to do.  but had a nice time out with the girls for small group

Day 23: Blah – We had to sign our will.  The decisions weren’t easy and unsettling.

Day 24: Excited – Ella and I went with Nate to the Fly Fishing Expo.

Day 25: Had an Ok day.  Ran some errands and did house type things

Day 26: Blah – Just one of those days

Day 27: Happy – We watched Sherlock and had a lot of fun at home with Ella

Day 28: Relaxed – I went for a hair cut, Ella played at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  It was a relaxing day.

Day 29: Sick – Was under the weather today.

Day 30: Happy – We had a great day at mom’s group and playing at home.

Day 31: Tired – Exhausted really.  Ella had a horrible night.  We finally got her to sleep at 4am.

Can’t wait to see what happens in February. I’ve really enjoyed this project.  It isn’t too overwhelming, because you just work one square at a time.


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  1. A very “normal” Ella-filled month!! She is outrageously adorable!!!! rolled up in the crochet. Hugs………….

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