Snowman A to Zzzzz

It may seem like I haven’t been sewing lately, but I can assure you that I have been.  But alas, I can’t share with you all that I have been working on.  I’ve been working on my challenge pieces for the guild I belong to and I keep them under wraps until June when we have our final guild meeting for the season.

In between those projects I’ve been working on some hand work.  As mentioned, I have taken a small break from the Scandinavian Rose I was working on and turned my attention back to the Crabapple Hill Snowman A to Zzzzz project.  It was what I was working on before I started the Scandinavian Rose.

Basically, it is the alphabet in a Christmas theme using fun snowmen.

Since completing the Sunflower Stitch Folder that used the color tinting technique I’ve wanted to add it to more of my stitching projects.  After looking at the pattern one afternoon at WWG and talking it over with Paula and Betty, I decided that some of the blocks in the quilt definitely were screaming for a touch of color.

It took me until letter K/L to realize that I should make myself a color chart of the floss numbers and the crayon color that closely matched it.  Its made things much faster.  Another change I made was switching floss.  The pattern was originally done in DMC floss, but since discovering COSMO  it is my preferred brand of choice.  Though some of the colors I’ve changed to add a bit more pop or tone down.    I’m about half way done with the blocks and I am loving it.  Its such a treat to work with well designed patterns, with great stitching designs, fun colors and fab floss.


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