A Little More Stitching

Two more blocks to go, that is what I have left to do on the Snowman A to Zzzzz quilt before I get to put the top together.

I had some time during the month of March for some uninterrupted hand stitching.  I had all my blocks prepped and ready to go and away I went.  During that week I completed 6 of the remaining 10 blocks.

Since then I finished up two more blocks leaving only two more to go.  I’m dragging my heels a bit with these last ones because I’ve enjoyed stitching them and am not quite ready to let this stitching project go. Besides, I’m not sure what hand project I would go to next.

Though, I am looking forward to being able to put the whole thing together.  Maybe, just maybe I will actually get it done before Christmas.



Filed under Quilting, Stitchery

5 responses to “A Little More Stitching

  1. Those are absolutely the sweetest designs I’ve seen!!!! So sketch-like……love them and your work!!!! Hugs……………

  2. These blocks are so precious! I’ve felt that exact same way about not wanting to finish something because you don’t know how the void will be filled-somehow it always is, though.

    • Jen

      They have been a great project. I might just have to do another Crabapple Hill design because the designs are just so lovely to do.

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