Baby E’s Quilt

I really love making baby quilts.  There is something about creating a quilt that a little one will use.  Ella uses hers all the time.  She sits and “reads” on it, plays on it and tries to wrap herself in it.

Our friends just welcomed a new little girl into their family and as our gift to them I made the quilt in the picture above.

I made the quilt out of 2 charm packs, a kona cotton pack of white and another one called High Street by Lily Ashbury.

The quilt is made out of half square triangles, which as we know is my “favorite block of all time.”  I decided to make it using that block simply because it is so versatile and there are so many possible quilt designs.  I finally settled on this braided look.  The design worked so well with the fabric and the BRIGHT pink binding and backing made the colors pop even more.

I don’t think this picture does the colors justice, but it sure turned out to be a pretty little quilt.  Pretty for a pretty little girl.  I am pleased to say that the quilt found its way safely to Vancouver.





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3 responses to “Baby E’s Quilt

  1. This is a super pretty little baby quilt Jen :o) One reason I like making baby quilts is I actually get them finished!

  2. So nice!!! I love baby quilts, too, cuz it means I can try out patterns and fabrics I wouldn’t ordinarily use or put together. Fun!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you so very much for this lovely quilt!! It brightens up her nursery and we look forward to playing on it when she’s a bit older! We miss you guys!!
    lots of love xoxo

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