Foreign Currency Quilt

A few years ago, quite a few years ago if I’m being honest, I went to a quilt retreat. It was the same weekend as Nate’s birthday.  I wasn’t going to go at all because birthdays for me are a pretty big deal, they mean dinner to celebrate together, a family party, basically a weeklong celebration.  In my opinion they are a BIG DEAL.  So I wasn’t going to go at all, but Nate said I should go.  So we struck a deal, I would go, but I had to make him a quilt for his birthday. He picked out the pattern called Foreign Currency by Cherry House Quilts and picked out some Mirage Fabric from Connecting Threads.    I pieced the top while I was at the retreat. Unfortunately, this is where is sat for a while.  A long while, years while.  It hung over my head, I thought about this top every time I went down into my sewing room.  I had batting cut and ready and a back pieced….but again thats where it sat. This past year, while I was at home with Ella, I decided it was time to finish this.  I was going to, heck or high water, finish this for Nate’s birthday this year.  It took me a while to decide how to quilt it, but straight lines seemed to be the best option. Its really big!  Bigger than I thought.  A great size lap quilt 🙂  Though I think Molly likes the quilt better than Nate does.



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2 responses to “Foreign Currency Quilt

  1. I love this quilt Jen! The colors are so vibrant and look really nice in this pattern. I’m glad you were able to get it finished an it is no longer hanging over your head…that’s such a good feeling :o)

  2. Nathan

    For the record, I like this quilt better than Molly does.

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