Picnic Quilt

Back in the summer time a friend of mine contacted me asking if I did commissions and if I would make her a picnic quilt.  I hadn’t done any commissions at all, as most of my quilts are gifts for people, but I thought it would be wonderful to work with her on a project.  She has such great taste with a modern twist that I was excited to see what possibilities/ideas she would have for me.

After spending time on pinterest, a lot of time on pinterest, I found a couple of great ideas that we could use.  She also scoured pinterest and found a great isosceles triangle quilt and a color scheme that she loved.  I then went to work on finding the right fabric that matched the color scheme.

We went with Kona Cotton in Solids for the main body of the quilt and a black and white chevron for the binding. For those curious, from top to bottom the colors are: Black and white chevron; White; Daffodil; Butter; Pond; Khaki; Punch; Black; Pistachio; and Medium Grey.

Once the fabric arrived I went to work cutting out all the triangles for the quilt.  The quilt had a ton of them.

At first I was having a lot of trouble piecing the quilt as the triangle template I had didn’t have a point at the top and had a blunt end so matching them together was a real scene.

It took me a couple of tries to figure out if I lined up the blunt tips, or lined up the bottom when putting it together.  A light bulb finally went on and I realized that the tip was in fact missing and I had to adjust how I lined them up.  If I ever make a triangle quilt again using this template, I am extending the top to include a point, I think it will help in the end.

When it was all said and done it looked like this.

I love how it turned out.  LOVE IT!

This is the back of the quilt.  I had a couple of the triangles left so I did a strip of them to break up the grey backing.  I straight lined quilted it outlining the triangle using the edge of my walking foot.

I used a medium grey thread to do the quilting.  As I said, I loved how this turned out.  I was happy I could send it away to my friend, but I was secretly sad to see it go.  I worked on this over July and August.  During nap time in the afternoon and some times in the evening.  It was a great summer project.


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  1. I agree with you, regarding the triangle points. I made a couple of table toppers a while back using a template that cut off the point (for ease? of lining up for stitching?????). Will definitely go back to a “complete” triangle next time!!! LOL!!! A wonderful finish and really practical. Love those solids with that binding!!

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