FNQG: Zipper Challenge

Zippers seem to be one sewing basic that strikes the fear in the heart of almost all sewists or quilters that I know.  Back in June we began planning this year’s guild program. We came up with a little zippered pouch to do for one of our challenges.   It was going to be great.  Then I started to get emails about it.  Perhaps people hadn’t quite gotten over their fear of the zipper.

So I revamped things a bit.  We moved the zipper challenge to December for those BRAVE ENOUGH to take the plunge.  Nine people did.  Which is great, I thought it was only going to be me and one other lady.

I used Elizabeth Hartman’s “Quilt as you Go” tutorial and a package of 2.5″x5″ rectangles that I had.  I also followed the tutorial I found on Lori Hartman Designs to make the actual pouch.

I’m really happy with the way the pouch turned out.  I used a puffy batting that I had a little piece of and it really made the pouch seem like it had some substance – nothing flimsy here.  Love it.  I laugh in the face of zippers!


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  1. And I laugh, too!!!! So cute and very nicely done……………..

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