Status Update: Shiny and Brite

Back in March I was telling you about the Crabapple Hill’s Shiny and Brite quilt I was working on.  I was also lamenting about how I wasn’t sure if I liked the fabric I had selected – well I take back everything I said.  In the end it turned out wonderfully.  I love it in fact, though I don’t have the foggiest idea of where I’m going to hang it at Christmas time.  But I will cross that bridge in October when it begins to snow here.

I think what clinched it for me was the red polka dot binding I used. It just makes me happy to see it outlined in that fun red.  This took a little while to quilt as I stippled in the middle section and then used a straight line patten around the pinwheels and a loopy pattern in the borders.  The straight lines took the longest part and it took me a couple of passed to figure out a good, logical and effective way to stitch around so I wasn’t twisting the turning the quilt to much.

I was even able to complete it for the deadline at Out of Hand for their shopping spree contest.  I didn’t win, but I was able to walk away with 12 other ladies who completed something in the year.  As a door prize I was given a pretty sweet little iron that I have very much enjoyed using.


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