Sewing Room Clean Up

As Ella put it, “Messy Mommy.  Clean it up!” about my sewing room and how it might have spread out into the main basement area.  I will admit that I wasn’t really enjoying being in there work at all so I mostly avoided it.  But once Ella and Nate got on to my case I realized I better clean the mess up.

With Nate’s help we pulled EVERYTHING out of the sewing room and sorted through it.

These are the bags of fabric I had around, from projects that were finished but I just didn’t put away – this is also embarrassing but its time people know the truth.

This pile here is projects.  Either cut out and bagged and ready to go, or fabric and patterns that need to be cut.  There is a middle pile that I didn’t take a photo of, it was of just cuts of fabric and scraps.

After 2 evenings I was able to sort it all and get it put away in a more orderly fashion and one that I can actually work with.

Now I’m down there quite a bit puttering away on projects that I’m enjoying and enjoying being in the space again.



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4 responses to “Sewing Room Clean Up

  1. Bev Sproule

    Looks great Jen. Organization is the key to creativity. Maybe. If you are free this coming Saturday, come and sew with a couple of others at our place in the country. Bring Paula!

  2. Nathan

    Thanks for cleaning it up…I think everyone else in the house was frightened of the mess.

  3. Hope

    Thanks for sharing your mess…lol. I felt right at home. I know that with every completed project I need to clean my sewing room completely but I don’t do it so I have stacks of future projects and scraps from finished projects. You did a great job cleaning, I am inspired to tackle my sewing room today.

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